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Checkout an updated twisty worm tutorial at Here is the basic handling for the famous Magic Twisty Worm. Whether you got these in one of the Magic Guy’s Loot Bags, or from anywhere else, this basic tutorial will show you how to make the worm come to life. Once you get this basic handling down, play and experiment all you can. You’ll discover all kinds of cool things that you can do to make it really come alive! Have fun, and please let us know how you’re doing afterwards, and share some videos of your own with the twisty worm in action. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsInside Chicago The Outfit Mob Takedown Operation Family SecretsKids Keep Worm in the Garden – Stop Motion Cartoons AnimationABC123: Kid's Magic Toolbox KitGrow Indoors Year-Round with the Black Magic© Hydroponic System of ProductsHow We Are Worm Farming Indoors And It Keeps GrowingHappy Easter Day | Kids Gardening & Worm Hunting | Just Life, Season 3, Episode 3

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