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Home gardening isn’t just a hobby for Kevron Rees, it’s a way to support his family by growing enough produce to feed them and save money. He gathers input data from ScienceLogic and uses machine learning to accurately predict the temperature inside his greenhouse. ScienceLogic’s open API means he can use any machine learning software to manage his garden. Feeding that machine learning data back into ScienceLogic allows for automations that make the internet of things-powered greenhouse even more efficient and successful than before. Watch our earlier video, IoT Gardening Using ScienceLogic: Related PostsFarm to School: Gardening enhances nutrition and learning for studentsGROBO Indoor gardening machine autonomously grows food for youLanguage learning and gardeningGarden Machine Winter Storage: Garden Tool Care & MaintenanceLearning & Growing, Gardening, Preserving & Learning A 25 Min showLearning Basic Gardening Skills At Nottingham Nursery School

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