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We are professional manufacturer of hydroponic fodder machine in china. The quality is our best gurantee. Email: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHydroponics Fodder MachineAutomated Hydroponics Green Fodder MachineClone Machine | SuperCloner Cloning Hydroponic SystemHydroponic Fodder System- Annapurna 13.11.2013 – TV5‘Mati Vina Sheti’ – Hydroponic System- A Unique solution to fodder scarcityBuild Your Own Hydroponic Fodder System for Cattles Part-2 (System Video)

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  • carina li 1 year ago

    this supplier is a cheater. Don't believe them. They cheated my money!!!

  • Zhang Susan 1 year ago

    Lyine Brand sprout machine,i like

  • LYDM hydroponic fodder machine 1 year ago

    so good