This is the final update of the low pressure aeroponics system that I made for 2017. The plant I grew was a Helios Habanero. You can see the build video here:

The one I made for 2016 is here:

Low pressure aeroponics system 2017 – Final update

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  • denish

    Peter, that was very informative. Perhaps I'll go with an arrangement like dutch bucket with a reservoir to check the quality of water and doing away the flood and drain arrangement. I intend to keep three sprouts in each bucket . Pump size will have to be changed. Thank you so much for giving the video and all the later updates.

  • Matt Garver

    Experimental hydroponics are fascinating, and you did excellent with your low pressure aeroponics system!  With the upper spray chamber and lower highly-aerated circulation chamber, you seem to have addressed fast early growth and the ability to later feed large plants.  Overall, your hybrid hydroponics method is very impressive.

  • Alfred Tanious

    Thank you so much Peter for sharing, amazingly crazy results. I was hoping you can she some light on how were you feeding the plant and the nutrients used in this project, I am planning to copy it for next season.
    Thanks again

  • Jared Mccutcheon

    I enjoyed watching this project from start to finish Peter. I built an aeroponic cloner earlier this year in a big tote and it's amazing how well plants grow that way. I was thinking of making a version of your aeroponic bucket system,but in a 55 gallon drum and see if the jumbo size makes any difference.

  • Rev John O'Toole

    I wonder why the root ball is so big and involved. one would think that the reason a plant puts out more roots generally is to capture more water and nutrients,. but this way of growing gives the plant more than what it should need, so why such a root system, could it be that plant was not getting what it needs?

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