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Low Maintenance Garden Ideas garden ideas garden ideas for small space garden ideas for backyard garden ideas vegetable garden ideas with tires garden ideas for spring garden ideas and outdoor living garden ideas for kids garden ideas and projects rock garden ideas fairy garden ideas flower garden ideas small garden ideas herb garden ideas pallet garden ideas backyard garden ideas diy garden ideas vegetable garden ideas garden ideas for small areas garden ideas for landscaping Video Rating: / 5 In this crafts video, we will show you how to make another simple diy fairy garden with house for kids or for home decoration. It is made from recycled cardboard and you can find it around your house. We will make a few more about fairy garden ideas next video. We hope this video will improve your creative ideas and it is good crafts for kids. Video’s quality is not so good, we are apology for this… Hope you still enjoy.. Material used: – Cardboard for house and garden – Clay to cars – Plants and leafs for tree – Sticks used for the gates – Scissors Please like, comment and share this video One video a day.. please subscribe for more Checkout our playlists: – DIY Toys for kids – DIY Plastic bottle crafts – DIY Wooden toys – DIY Popsicle stick crafts – DIY Cardboard house – DIY House projects Thank you for support We love to hear your feedback, because there are a lot of room for improvement.. Related PostsCroton Plant | Indoor Plant Maintenance | How to Care for Plants | Gardening Ideas (Urdu/hindi)DIY Miniature Fairy Garden #4 | Easy Crafts ideasThe Best Fairy Garden Ideas 2016DIY Cardboard House with Garden | Craft Ideas and Cardboard Houses for Kids on […]

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