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This video shows the construction of a low cost greenhouse and bed preperation for planting. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsAdvantages of Greenhouse farming – Low cost greenhouse farmingAdvantages of Greenhouse farming – Low cost greenhouse farmingFarm Basics #940 Cost of Farming (Air Date 4/10/16)Popular Videos – Vertical farming & GreenhouseVertical FarmingAutomated hydroponic system Harvest in the Greenhouse Hydroponic and Vertical Farming

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  • Deus Tumwine 1 year ago

    it's good project I also a smallone in western Uganda,but needs funding.

  • Dubai Guy 1 year ago

    Very nice background music

  • Sthembiso Mfeka 1 year ago

    Excellent video, am building one here in South Africa…copy and paste. Thank you very much

  • MADAM SUPER 1 year ago

    I love this

  • a1930ford 1 year ago

    I have viewed many different green houses or cattle panel houses and hoop houses on YouTube. I know of one which the builder had essentially done overkill in how he constructed it as if it were more important to make it look like a fine wood project than a functional green house with simplistic design. In fact, he is anal in many ways as to how it must be constructed and how he is an expert grower simply because of his years. The simplistic ones are far more realistic than his own though. He could learn a great deal here in just watching. Someone said that there are a thousand ways to skin a cat and the cat won't like any of them. That is true to any build of a hoop house/green house as people can think of thousands of ways to use ingenuity and creativity in doing the same thing and no one way is ever going to be the ultimate end all product. Each is unique and simplicity and use of what is available or on hand often far outweighs the best architectural design and construction. Keeping it simple makes it more easily copied by folk and well withing their abilities to get it done with good results.

    Needless to say, I am really impressed by much done in this video. I do have questions though, as i know the insect netting does keep out unwanted bugs from the crops, but how do they go about pollination? Although they cite wind direction as to how to set up a green house, the direction of the sun is also important and they seemed to have overlooked discussing that issue. I do with the putting on of the cover had been shown more in the video. It would have been interesting to see how they combat pvc pipe or their wood from reacting with the cover and decomposing it in any manner.

    They spent inordinate time in making the raised beds. LIke the fellow how spent so much time in construction of his green house of wood, it seems to be somewhat of an overkill to me. Raised beds here in my country are not as difficult a procedure to make and actually do not require making them prior to finish of the actual green house as they did. Not being critical,, as what transpires there may well be different than what does here in my country.

    I enjoyed watching this video and wish the folk involved the best with their operation. One can learn a lof from these videos and from the hard work and determination of those who build with a creative and functional spirit. Thanks for sharing.

  • Ceesay Mussa 1 year ago

    great repetition i will like to ask if you can give me more information about the material that i need to build one of may on in the gambia thanks

  • Ceesay Mussa 1 year ago

    great repetition i will like to ask if you can give me more information about the material that i need to build one of may on in the gambia thanks

  • apna dais apni yadain 1 year ago


  • REM44MAG 1 year ago

    10:34 he has a shit job lmfao

  • Patrick Hilger 1 year ago

    Any bill of quantities .. I think you were in Nambia ? with CUWE project ? was with steal this one is better

  • Mudane Sooyaal 1 year ago

    may I know the total cost of that low cost greenhouse? Please send me quotation at my email

  • Michel Nadon 1 year ago

    was that used motor oil on the base of the post

  • Jamira Mued 1 year ago

    very good green house I like it I can make greenhouse in a plot and house????

  • Venkat Sony 1 year ago

    Impressive I green house more increases

  • Rammilan Gupta 1 year ago

    sir palihouse me faivar set ki best hoti hai ya green used me

  • mahamed Hassan 1 year ago

    well done guys I love it

  • special agent 1 year ago

    great it is a chip greenhouse

  • satish miyani 1 year ago

    good idea for new genretion yong farmer….

  • Sizzler K 1 year ago

    Very nice video, resourceful as well!

  • Jonne jo 1 year ago

    excellent video,