Hydroponics and the set ups require endless components, screws, bolts — in boxes, bags, containers.

And some gardeners mix their own high growth special fertilizers.

This video shows an easy trick to make containers for storage and retrieval. And when a person is involved in the work, what is needed can be seen instantly.

I use empty clear plastic jars for miscellaneous fertilizers, seeds, components, and fasteners. Skippy Peanut Jars are the best — heavy plastic, large openings.

However, Skippy costs dollars a jar, I bought these jars for ten cents each. Cut off the label, dump the diabetic, obesity-causing trash contents, and the jars can be used for storage.

( I used one jar in direct sunlight. I painted the lid to avoid UV damage, but the heat of the sun warped the plastic. These jars cannot be used for storage outside. Even Skippy jars will sometimes warp, depending on the intensity of the sunlight and heat. )

As the video shows, a 10 cent investment reduces time lost to find and retrieve small parts and fasteners.

Against this, price clear plastic jars. Three dollars at my local container store. A dollar each from a catalog, with a minimum purchase of one hudnred.

I bought these jars for ten cents each, a bagfull for two dollars. I wish I had spent ten dollars.

Low Cost Clear Plastic Jars for Hydroponic Components

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