This system uses one line of sprinklers shooting at 360 degrees, some angled in different ways to get more coverage.

Tools required are simple. Hole saw bits, a drill (I had to end up using another one since my cordless ones battery was almost dead), a 4mm wood drill (makes it easy to just shove a 4mm hole into the hose) or just use something else to make the hole.

This video just demonstrates how you can quickly whip together a DIY aero system. It ain’t perfect, but it works. Hopefully there’s also shown enough on this video so you can know how to whip together something too and better if you have more time. I only had limited time to to throw this all together.

PS. There’s so many funny and fucked up things in this video that perceptive people may notice. Also, to stop some leaks I had to use some tape.

Lostcat’s New DIY Aeroponics System

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