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Tom Vasel takes a look at one of the versions of Lost Legacy from AEG Buy great games at Find more reviews and videos at Related PostsLord of the Ice Garden Review – with Tom VaselPLANES FOR KIDS VIDEO: Skipper Riley Model Kit Zvezda from Disney Cartoon Toys ReviewGarden Dice Preview – with Tom VaselFLYING ON THE ROOF!! + SECRET NEW SON ENDING!! | Hello Neighbor Alpha 3 (Glitches + Secrets)Garden Tower 2 reviewGarden Dice Review – with the Game Boy Geek

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  • goldwin818 1 year ago

    05:30 this got me :)

  • Stephen Cotter 1 year ago

    The "Dice Tower Judgements", while ridiculous, have become a favorite part of the reviews now, to the point where I miss them when other people review a game.  As awkward as "In to my collection!" is as an exclamation the middling to negative reviews are the craziest.  You could just say "pass" I suppose, but then we'd lose such judgments as "I'm sure it's a good game but… I hate it."

  • Carl Frodge 1 year ago

    I don't like Love Letter.

  • treblizzle 1 year ago

    So if lost garden is not the good one. What is the good version, or better combination of lost legacy?


  • FranzBinder20 1 year ago

    I completely agrre. Worst of the Lost Legacies although I love the Wounds mechanism. Maybe I'll try to play some of the other decks with replacing the "X" with wounds (if it makes sense)

  • Joseph Lynn 1 year ago

    Sharks just jumping all over the place….

  • Chris Smith 1 year ago

    Tom – Give it a try combined with The Starship for a 5-6 player game. The way the cards play off each other is really fun =-)

  • John Keel 1 year ago

    I'm a big fan of Lost Legacy and what we've done with a 4-player game at game night before that I loved was to play the first round with the first deck (The Starship), then the second round with this Flying Garden deck. From there we took the odds from the first deck and combined those with the evens from this deck for a round and switched that for the next go. Finally, we took the first four cards from the first deck combined with the last four from the second and, again, switched that around for a final 6th round. Whoever had the most tokens (and I replaced the little blue wooden cubes with my blue glass marbles from Cthulu Dice because they look cooler) was the winner. Really fun way to mix the two decks. Now I'm trying to get the Japanese versions of the next two editions that came out!

  • lkjkhfggd 1 year ago

    Anyone else prefer the little chibi art over this? This art looks good, but the other art is so much more charming and silly, similar to Love Letter.