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If a shingle isn’t properly fastened to your roof, and you pay for work under the table, your contractor may not be responsible. Ask the right questions. Ask for a contract or receipt. Learn more at A descriptive transcript for this video is available by visiting the following link: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHow to Install Roof Shingle Properly – Roofing Dallas / Ft Worth – Free Estimates“Roof Installation: How To Shingle a Valley (HD)” by RoofRepair101Comprotex Home building Roof Shingle Calculator in Excel Instructional VideoPopular Videos – Roof shingle & Home297 Brown colored log house with tar oiled cedar wooden shingle roofGAF Green Roof Oklahoma Roofing Shingle http://www.ShelterO


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  • aluckyshot 11 months ago

    The thieves are losing too much of their cut, that is the real reason for these videos. The government is not your friend.