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Tom Vasel takes a look at this board game based on a science fiction book Buy great games at Find more reviews and videos at Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsLost Legacy: Flying Garden Review – with Tom VaselPLANES FOR KIDS VIDEO: Skipper Riley Model Kit Zvezda from Disney Cartoon Toys ReviewGarden Dice Preview – with Tom VaselSt. James Adult Choir – Use Me Lord aka “All The Way”St. James Adult Choir – I Really Love The LordNew Zion Youth and Young Adult Choir – Search Me Lord

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  • En Zima 1 year ago

    Try it 2p or 3p: it's as balanced as in 4. (maybe the black player has to be played only in 4p game)
    And I don't agree with the worker placement critic: all actions in the game are difficult to achieve, and so interconnected…I like it just like that.
    Sure, not the best game ever, but IMHO a well done one. 

  • Lee Nicholas 1 year ago

    This seems kind of similar to GMT's COIN Series.  Is that accurate?  At least in the whole asymmetrical factions type thing.

  • Fred Bednarski 1 year ago

    As someone who have read the books I can say, that they tried to stay very close to the books' theme and story. That was nice of them. But, because they put "true to the story" above gameplay, the game seems very fiddly and just plain chaotic.

    Krzysztof Wolicki, the designer,made another Polish book to board game translation, and it was also too fiddly for my liking. 

  • Carlordau 1 year ago

    Game type: Assymetric. heh.

  • wetwillyccma 1 year ago

    Looks confusing.

  • Gabriel Miller 1 year ago

    This game doesn't seem to make a lot of sense. Talk about arbitrary theme.

  • Dan Shuman 1 year ago

    Tom really outdid himself on those Christmas decorations.

  • Eyal Itsik 1 year ago

    Basically, a Euro version of Chaos in the Old World?

  • Sean Thompson 1 year ago

    Yeah, no way paying over $100 for this when there is so much more out there for less. This game would have to be perfect for that price.

  • Joseph Lynn 1 year ago

    Norse mythology meets sci-fi meets worker placement meets wooden cubes/victory points. All of which equals to a bunch of nonsense. 

  • zakwasny 1 year ago

    It's much more entertaining when you know book. I hope it will be translated to english. :)

  • adam19742007 1 year ago

    And let us not forget that the pre-order price for this game was $150!!!!!

  • HarfangX 1 year ago

    When the review part starts and the first thing mentioned is the "production value" or the quality of the components… you know it's not going to be very favorable :-)

  • Bijan Ajamlou 1 year ago

    Locks like playing cyclades without the bidding and workerplace on the gods.