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A passionate gardener and intensive care nurse, Wei Jinyong broke the usual suburban backyard trend and created a truly amazing perennial paradise! Click to subscribe to see the latest content from Gardening Australia: Wei Jin, who grew up in Malaysia, is looking for new inspiration for Melbourne gardens, because tropical plants are not suitable for cool climates. Perennials meet the requirements with their exciting colors and forms, so Wei Jin used different combinations of perennials for the entire front and back yard of his house. These plants bloom at different times and provide a lot of interest. “Sometimes after get off work, I would stand here and watch the whole place move with the wind—the whole place seems to be shining with colors.” The garden has no original plan and no hardscape. Plants make up the garden. The structure, trial and error determines which ones are effective and which ones are ineffective. Plants include Russian sage with a long flowering period, tall flower spikes and fragrant leaves, supplemented by the tall pink flower spikes of Agastache cv. Bees like it too. There are many different sages throughout the garden, and they also provide hundreds of tiny but brightly colored flowers. Sedum’Matrona’ brings diversity-a succulent plant with perennial growth habit and beautiful clusters of pink flowers-and grass with long seed heads and feather-like textures that move with the wind and interact with green The pink sea forms a sharp contrast. Wei Jin found that gardening and nursing were similar. “You need time and patience. You need to create a suitable environment for your plants to allow your plants to thrive. The same is true for the care you know. You need to create a suitable environment for your patients to heal and thrive.” Jing Choose the plant Russian sage salvia. Perovskia atriplicifolia Agastache cv. Salvia’Amethyst’ Salvia nemorosa cv. Sedum’Matrona’ Hylotelephium cv. Sea holly’Blaukappe’ Eryngium planum cv. Watch Australian Gardening on ABC iview: About Australian Gardening: Australian Gardening is an ABC TV show that provides gardening knowledge and inspiration. Lectured by leading gardening experts in Australia, “Australian Gardening” has become a valuable resource for all gardeners through TV shows, magazines, books, DVDs and extensive online content. Connect with other Gardening Australia fans: Like Gardening Australia on Facebook: Follow Gardening Australia on Instagram: Visit the Australian Gardening website: This is the official YouTube channel of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. ******** Contributions may be deleted if ABC’s online usage conditions (section 3) are violated. .


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