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London can become the world’s Roof Garden Capital, with green living roofs and walls planted with sedums, grass, flowers, orchard trees and shrubs. In 2013 the city roofscape was a sterile wasteland, relieved by a few sedum roofs and roof gardens. It could be made beautiful, sustainable and a great place for rest and relaxation. A pioneering roof at the University of Greenwich shows how this can be done. It will be used by staff and students from the Department of Architecture and Landscape education courses for teaching and research – and also by birds, bees and a biodiverse range of species in roof gardens and ecological habitats. NEWS7 TAMIL Less demanding rooftop kitchen garden | Poovali | News7 Tamil Herbs are used for food, flavoring, medicine, or perfume. some times distinguishes herbs using for spices. Plant the seeds in gardens or in small pots. It should be keep in sunny position and well-drained soil. we should keep well watered to the plant. They should be pruned regularly to encourage bushing. facebook: twitter: News 7 Tamil Television, part of Alliance Broadcasting Private Limited, is rapidly growing into a most watched and most respected news channel both in India as well as among the Tamil global diaspora. The channel’s strength has been its in-depth coverage coupled with the quality of international television production. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsGreen Roofs Whilst Rooftop Gardens | Living Green | Episode 114VS2011#6 – "Sky Meadows – Integrating People and Nature: Sustainable Green Roofs and Roof Gardens"NYC Parks Dept Randall’s Island 5 Boro Green Roof Tour – Vertical GardenWall and Rooftop Gardens, Living Walls and Green RoofsEcoLocker @ – Green Roofs – A stroll through our roof gardensGreen Roof Garden Update

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