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One Show Student Pencil – Bronze 2014 Copywriter: Laurie Costarides Designer: Claire Longfield Art Director: Stephanie Del Rosal Photographer: Christopher Wong. Video Rating: 0 / 5 On Living Walls by The Mercury Waltz The Album is out now on Bandcamp. Pay what you want! Animation made in Cinema 4d with sound Effector Band Camp – http://… Video Rating: 5 / 5 Related PostsPi Wall Vertical Hydroponic Grow System Living WallsLiving WallsVertical Gardening Ideas, Green WallsAndromeda District’s Green Living walls for Businesses Miami Wynwood Comercial Design & ConstructionMidnight Syndicate – Living WallsArtificial Green Walls, Corporate Living Walls | Artificial Plants Unlimited


Vertical Gardens



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  • ezio912link 3 years ago

    @Mercury Waltz i used the easy unrar, thanks, your music is amazing, can
    tell work and time was put in it

  • Mercury Waltz 3 years ago

    Thanks! Be sure to tell people about it. I’m already hard at work on my
    second album.

  • senyormoustache 3 years ago

    0.0 i now live

  • Mercury Waltz 3 years ago


  • Mercury Waltz 3 years ago

    Thanks, grab the rest of the album at Bandcamp. Pay what you want!

  • ezio912link 3 years ago

    great music

  • ezio912link 3 years ago

    @Mercury Waltz Already have, trying to unzip it on my Kindle fire so i can
    actually listen to it, driving me crazy, i love what i heard, i want to OWN
    it, i keep looking for information on how to do it

  • ezio912link 3 years ago

    my favorite is metropolis

  • Emerald WeaponVII 3 years ago

    i want you inside me

  • Azure Jaz 3 years ago

    Wow… Amazing!

  • Mercury Waltz 3 years ago

    Apps like Easy Unrar or File Manager should be able to unzip files on your
    Kindle Fire, if not, I’d think downloading to your pc and unzipping with
    Winrar or 7zip and then loading the files onto your Kindle Fire would be
    the best thing to do. Also, the album is available for purchase on Amazon
    (although they don’t support higher bitrates like 320kbps mp3 or Flac)

  • Tristan Wood 3 years ago

    Jon you are a god!!! This is so awesome!!!

  • ezio912link 3 years ago

    @Mercury Waltz i look forward to it

  • Mercury Waltz 3 years ago