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Living Walls – Steven Waldron Discuses The Basics, Plants & His Inspiration; Parisian, Patric Blanc This is yet another amazing interview and opportunity given to our channel by Steven Waldron. On this video he discusses the basic principals behind creating a living wall with an aquarium as a reservoir for the roots of creeping and hanging plants. From ficus to ferns, air plants to art, this beautiful creation is made from recyclable materials and simply watered weekly in a few pockets (which could also easily be automated, as you would automate your fish room). Steven tells us of his French inspiration by Patrick Blanc, who has exhibited living walls, mosses, sustainable art and permacultural installations around the globe. When not aquascaping iwagumi, jungle, Dutch style or nature style aquariums for, running a thriving business and maintaining lavish tanks, Steve still has time to work as an editor and columnist for Amazonas magazine as well. Show us your Tanks, Fish, Shrimp and anything else. The Secret History Facebook Community- Help Fund the Channel! To financially show love to the channel. If I’ve earned it and helped you out, I appreciate any Patreon Donations or Venmo/PayPal gifts, message me for details or use patreon link below. Much love to the Fishfam! I was struck by Lightning in early July lightning strike Go Fund Me My Artwork and Commisions art and coloring books Seattle’s Aquarium Zen and Steven Waldron The Fish Store in Seattle – Dan the Man LRB Aquatics – Lucas Bretz for awesome and the world’s truest blue dreams, reds and yellow neocaridina. Shrimp and Plants: Flip Aquatics All Caridina Shrimp thanks to Rob & Amanda @ Flip. My Channel’s Discount Code – “History10” For rare shrimp and beautiful plants. Bonus Channel […]

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  • Stan TheObserver 2 years ago

    Those are high light level Tillandsia's. T.xerographica is a hard keeper..same for the T.plumosa. Better would be the green Tillandsia species- they are adapted better. With the irrigation on the kaput Steve is limited. IF it was working the Espicia's would be nice,and more of the "Lipstick" type plants.

  • Loaves & Fishes 2 years ago

    I want one!

  • Jim Ariz 2 years ago

    Very cool

  • Darryl Moore 2 years ago

    Such an amazing shop.