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It is as if these ‘sleeping’ walls awaken to life and whisper stories and tales in vibrant flowing colours. Touching any onlookers with newborn inspirations…. Related PostsPi Wall Vertical Hydroponic Grow System Living WallsVertical Gardening Ideas, Green WallsMaars Living Walls – OfficeLiving wall fitting | Time lapse Video | How to install living wallsVertical Gardening. Best living walls. Vertical GardeningWall of Life Foliage Designs Systems 2 Living Green Walls


Vertical Gardens



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  • ChantaRay 3 years ago

    *Whispering Walls*

  • ChantaRay 3 years ago

    Thank you for watching Boris:)
    Wishing you a good day:)?

  • Ellim Sluouf 3 years ago

    LOVE : ) Music is beautiful also……………………..?

  • roberta panzeri 3 years ago

    Living Walls?

  • ARTSAVA 3 years ago

    Living Walls?

  • Gintautas Neverdauskas 3 years ago
  • ann sander 3 years ago

    Your videos and music are a wonderful inspiration …so many thanks ..
    Sometimes I think , this is what this world needs most …”inspiration ”
    much love and a big kiss ann?

  • ann sander 3 years ago

    Look at this wonderful vid ..full of inspiration and love … much love and
    a wonderful week …ann?

  • Gintautas Neverdauskas 3 years ago

    Images and music blend together in a harmonious whole. Thank you.?

  • AlexTourism 3 years ago

    Just amazing ..beaty life…?

  • Willi Bleimeister 3 years ago

    LOVE : ) Music is beautiful also……………………..?

  • ChantaRay 3 years ago

    Thanks for watching Dear Yvonne:) Wishing you well.

  • the Klumpenkind 3 years ago

    really GREAT & WONDERFUL Video *****

  • Boris Cybagooseuk 3 years ago

    Excellent….love the way the walls come to life…even if it is only a
    brief moment in time.

  • ChantaRay 3 years ago

    Yeah I graffiti art is simply amazing. Thanks to you too Dear Marilyn for
    watching. Lots of love back to you. Tara

  • ChantaRay 3 years ago

    Thank you Dear coman4ero:) Wishing you loads of Light and may you have a
    nice day.

  • NaturesFairy 3 years ago

    WOW another great video my friend,,,, your videos always make me sit
    back,,, reflect and relax,, thank you for these special moments! Love you
    much! HUGS!!

  • Mirjana633 . 3 years ago

    Very interesting and superb idea for upload. Bravo! Thank you, dear Tara,
    for sharing. Have a nice evenin. Hugs, Mira

  • ChantaRay 3 years ago

    Glad you liked it Cozy Dear;) Good wishes and Hugs come your way

  • ChantaRay 3 years ago

    Thank you Dear Mira:) for this appreciation. Sending good wishes your way.
    (((( Hugs ))))

  • Cozy Ogasawara 3 years ago

    I love how people are alive with the paintings on the wall. And beautiful
    music.Thank you Tara, So beautiful. LOVE you ?

  • WildBlessings2 3 years ago

    Every wall cries out for art. Thank you dear Tara for this introduction to
    this inspiring & heart string pulling artist. Blessings to you. 🙂

  • ChantaRay 3 years ago

    Mutual thoughts Dear Brenda:) Glad you like this film. Sending good wishes
    your way and plenty of Hugs.

  • ChantaRay 3 years ago

    Tack sj

  • ChantaRay 3 years ago

    I love your words on this wall Dear Eveyln:) Wishing you well:)