Added by on 2017-06-17 Some folks requested a bit more detail on what our design looks like for making a space between our home and the busy road we live on. It is still early in spring so not a tremendous amount is growing, but that helps to see through the layers to understand the intention and design involved in this. There are many many plants involved in multiple layers to protect us from the road, and understanding that it takes time to get established, this is still on its way to a seriously thick wall between us and all the traffic. All pretty much for free! Edible Acres is a full service permaculture nursery located in the Finger Lakes area of NY state. We grow all layers of perennial food forest systems and provide super hardy, edible, useful, medicinal, easy to propagate, perennial plants for sale locally or for shipping around the country… – Your order supports the research and learning we share here on youtube. We also offer consultation and support in our region or remotely. Happy growing! Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsPi Wall Vertical Hydroponic Grow System Living WallsMake a Living Wall from a Pothos PlantA Tale of Two Hydroponic Living Wall Systems from Canada & SpainThe Woolworths Living Wall – Digital Marketing Case StudyLiving Wall PlanterBright Green Living Wall Planter

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  • Daybird Aviaries 1 year ago

    That's awesome. I wish my yard was like yours.

  • PaisleyPermaculture 1 year ago

    YES YES…. share all that you've planted! I have to remove some humongous cottonwoods because they are threatening our house..I'm gleaning from YOUR system on how I'm going to cope with the loss. Our plan is to use every bit of the trees on our .34 acre suburban lot…..and NOT get in trouble with HOA 😉

  • Advanced Nutrition Inc 1 year ago

    Great Job on the Videos! Liked and Subbed!

  • Rachel Gucker 1 year ago

    Our road isn't terribly busy (sometimes it's an hour between vehicles… even during the day), but I still want a buffer. Largely because our 300' of open frontage is a distraction and problem for our livestock guardian dog. I've been on the lookout for ways to profit from the space and create a protective zone. You mentioned sunflowers… perhaps I could use the space to grow some flowers for cutting? No nursery permit required that way… What do you do about walkways? do you walk wherever you need to in these dense beds to tend your plants? Isn't that a permaculture no-no? (I've got a lot to learn) I don't really see designated areas for walking.

  • Reina Ferraris 1 year ago

    I enjoyed that looks like our place in Wisconsin. Oh I subscribed, because I like your gardens.

  • R. Livingston 1 year ago

    Do you have problems with the county/state mowers trying to mow the road right-of-way?

  • John Wolf 1 year ago

    maybe donald trump can build a living wall of cactus on our southern border

  • John Wolf 1 year ago

    I love living on the earth and not in the world

  • HugSkaltuDeila 1 year ago

    Literally, go through and talk about EVERY plant in your garden!! seriously though, that would be awesome… : )

  • The Plant-Based Homestead 1 year ago

    Wow. I love the living fence idea. Wonderful!

  • Ethan Blevins 1 year ago

    Interested in an even more in depth discussion! I also live by a busy highway. Been thinking about using Muhly Grass as a protective species as well as some chop and drop mulch.

  • worshipthenephilim 1 year ago

    Lots of inspiration here and good ideas – many thanks for sharing! Also interested to know the width of that densely-planted bed to the North? (And here's wishing you the abundant and rapid road-obscuring growth of everything you've planted!)

  • justlo0k33 1 year ago

    i don't know if you've mentioned it in prior videos, but where do you acquire your perennials for planting? you seem to have a lot of nice young plants coming up. I imagine it would be cost prohibitive to purchase them all.

  • Kit DuBhran 1 year ago

    I'd be interested in what to put under canopy. I've got a mature canopy of four fruit trees and a hazel (tree, not bush, they grow big here) and I've been trying to find things to plant under them, for usefulness and food. Hard to do.

  • Liz C 1 year ago

    wonderful explanation, great work and planting. I am curious to see how the hops fold in. My own experience with hops so far include a lot of controlled cutting, as they are very aggressive and like to take over. I'm sure your chickens will keep them in check on the south side. I'm also using the alder as a start of hedgerow establishment and I love them. These trees grow so fast, it really helps in seeing your hedge line as the smaller trees and shrubs beguine to grow.

  • Sean Leavell 1 year ago

    Thanks for video. I live on a busy road and have plans for living screen. I used your video to show my wife what is possible. Sometimes plans on paper and thoughts in head are hard for others to visualize. But your video was great help to show what is possible. Thanks again.

  • Katherine Taylor 1 year ago

    I would deffinetely be interested to know more about the plants.

  • T Green 1 year ago

    Great ideas, will watch for updates. thank you

  • Ryan Mims 1 year ago

    How does one become as knowledgeable as you about all of the combinations of plants to grow and when/where to grow them, etc.?

  • Permaculture Homestead 1 year ago

    ahhh yes hemlock. so similar to chervil, i feel dangerous every time i eat chervil and really check to make sure there are no stray hemlock in my patches. thanks folks love it all.