This piece is in partnership with Gardena, Europe’s leading brand of high quality gardening tools. They sent me their NatureUp! vertical planter to try out and I’m ridiculously excited about it!

The planter is modern, has excellent drainage, and will allow me to grow a little wall of salad greens by my kitchen door. How convenient will that be to just open the door and pick my salad right then and there? That’s the right kind of fast food.

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For me preparing for a summer harvest means filling every available space with edibles — both in the allotment garden and at home. The NatureUp! planter from Gardena fits into this plan beautifully and I think it looks great where it is. What do you think?

After I assemble and plant the vertical planter, I show you a few more projects I have on the go. Some salad greens I sowed from seed about a month ago, newly sowed pumpkin, squash, and cucumber seeds, various other plants on the go and even some kohlrabi growing in eggshells.

I then head out to the allotment garden where I plant another vertical plant — Sweet Peas! They are among my top five favourite flowers and I can’t wait for them to bloom this summer.

In this video:
✽ Introduction to Gardena’s NatureUp! vertical planter
✽ Planting the planter with salad greens
✽ Preparing allotment veg by starting them off at home
✽ Planting sweet peas in the allotment garden

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Living Wall Planter, Seedlings, & planting Sweet Peas

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  • Gardiner's Plot

    I would put a tumbling plant or climber on the end pots of the walled planter to cascade down the steps and railings to add some more texture/colour and excitement to your steps. I really love a walled planter. I have seen some great DIY versions of them. I managed to get all my squashes in last weekend. Can’t wait for them! Another awesome video!

  • Eros

    Thanks for sharing the vertical planter. I've not seen that product before as the Greenstalk product usually get the most publicity. Anyway, what type of potting soil did you use and did you add additional ammendments? Also, I'm growing sweetpea for the first time. I hope they smell as good as everyone says that they do. Thanks again. Cheers!

  • Cheryl Carnes

    The planter is cool. If I had one I think I would put strawberries in it. Six would be just right I think. Just enough for me and my granddaughter. Nothing taste as good as a fresh picked strawberry. Thanks again for sharing your garden with me. Best wishes.

  • Michael Brotherton

    I do like the concept of the vertical planter though I thought the price of £44.00 is aimed at the home market rather than the allotment allotment. I would suggest a great birthday or Christmas present and then two would be brilliant one on top of the other. I was thinking of strawberries. That.s nine plants taking up the area of three plants. Your pallet strawberry planter doe's the same but at a much cheaper cost and fits in as an allotment element. Love the video. Take care Mike B

  • Dorian Beggs

    This planter seems a perfect gift for a senior friend who cannot be in the garden any more and misses it terribly. She has a small backyard porch in full sun and it would definitely keep her connected . Being a vegan , the lettuce is a good choice with possibly a few flower pots on top . Thanks , all the best.

  • ggwildlife

    lovely update, i like what you did with the planter/mixed greens, also strawberries would work but i think the planter would need to be hung for that maybe! i'm looking forward to seeing that silver Russian pumpkin.

  • Zbigniew Piasecki

    Hello Tanya, I'm currently fighting snails. Make a movie about how you protect your crops from snails….It's nice watching your movies….Greetings from Poland 🙂

  • PJ D

    It looks good in that space. I would probably put a few herbs in there to. A herb like basil that is used a lot. Thanks for sharing
    your video. Yes, spring is starting to wake up here too!