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U.S. retailer Anthropologie’s London store attracts customers with a 1,500 square foot indoor ‘Living Wall’. Related PostsPi Wall Vertical Hydroponic Grow System Living WallsExude a Fresh Aura in Your Homes with Green Living WallsSimply Fresh Wall GardenThe Living Wall at Lakeview Whole Foods Market ChicagoMaars Living Walls – Breathing WallLiving wall kit installation

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  • RMJ1984 1 year ago

    I want one at home. that would be freaking awesome having a huge green wall like this at home, talk about relaxing!.

  • tylertyler82 1 year ago

    I just installed one in my living room with 19 different species. Excited to watch it grow!

  • CrazyIndianMohawk 1 year ago

    im really interested in getting one or 2 of these for my place. has anyone ever seen one online thats rigged with a grow light, preferably t5 or t8 fluorescent?

  • Francesca Levey 1 year ago

    its this a Patrick Blanc wall?

  • RoseRedRoseWhite 1 year ago

    @lifeofapunk sorry friend but humans exhale co2->plants "inhale" this and they "exhale" oxygen. 02 is oxygen. C02 detectors, anyone? poisonous to humans and animals, not so to plants.

  • kingx989 1 year ago

    @kajjagoogoo well they did say "hydroponic"!

  • kajjagoogoo 1 year ago

    it'll soon start smelling of weed….

  • Max Power 1 year ago

    Good show governer!

  • RoseRedRoseWhite 1 year ago

    plants "inhale" CO2 and "exhale" O (oxygen)