A short video of an inside garden wall. The living carpet and living wall heat and cool the home reducing electrical use by 20%. Common thermal principals used in uncommon ways to create a beautiful living space. This living art cleans and oxgyenates the air while adding a stunning art feature to the home.
May be placed in a home or business to reduce engery costs
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Living Wall

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  • Princess Ariel m

    WOW! INCREDIBLE AND SO BEAUTIFUL. greengossipgrl@twitter loves it! I will twitte it to my followers. thanks and keep posting more green projects. xoxo's hugs

  • LeapingFrog Edu

    That is so beautiful. Too bad I don't have a sunroom. However, I do have a front porch and do have it full of plants.

  • Etienne Jansen

    Well done. I've just finished 6 of these walls in my house. I'm doing an attempt to make a similair system that can be used by the indoor farmers. I can grow plants over a meter in lenght in my system. Not only the surface type of plants. My system also gives 12 liters of medium for each plant. I am puting the plants in wright now. when it's finished ill post it on Youtube to. Have a nice day !

  • RideOut Technolgies

    Good Question- As this is an addition, it was build with this in mind. The plants are backed with heavy duty PVC, the wall is cement board. Everything drains out under the foundation. All is cool!

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