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Go to our Natural Building Blog where we answer questions. We’re building another living wall. The first one was built with fishing net. This one is being built with aluminum to improve the design. Our aluminum frame for the living wall is finished. Now we’re going to mount it to the wall, which is made of brick and concrete. I’ve pre-drilled holes in the back, four holes. And now I’ve taken a red marker and marked the wall. Now I’m going to pre-drill into the masonry with our hammer drill. We’re using plastic masonry anchors and screws to attach the metal frame to the wall. You just pound the plastic anchors into the wall like this. That’s it. This is the finished living wall. Looks good. Visit our earthbag website for complete details (see link on side bar). Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsPi Wall Vertical Hydroponic Grow System Living WallsDecorating with plants – Living wall installationHow The LiveWall Living Wall System WorksLiving Art – Rustic Wall mounted frame installMaking Inspirational Living Wall FramesA Living Wall with Wisteria


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