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Take a guided tour of Bay Area rooftop gardens and green roofs, and hear from local enthusiasts who are creating their own living oases right above our heads! Produced by Tad Veltrop, this video also outlines the many environmental and social benefits of living roofs. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsGreen Revolution Series: Green RoofsRe: Introduction to Living Roofs / Green Roofs – BGTVLiving RoofsThe Impact LiveRoof Vegetated Roofs Have on Senior Living Residents12 Homes with Living Roofsearthrise -Living Roofs in NYC & the Green Isle of Eigg


Green Roofs



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  • Larry Gale 1 year ago

    nice piece of explaining some examples of living roofs

  • Bill Veltrop 1 year ago

    An inspiring video, beautifully done.

    In addition to the many benefits highlighted in the video I'd also underscore the incredible value-adding contribution of involving people, especially youth, in an on-going co-creative partnership with nature. It's a wonder healing and wholing practice for individuals, families and neighborhoods, in addition to all of the environmental benefits.

    Good work,