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I’ve picked a very bad spot to live… SUBSCRIBE: SNAPCHAT: TWITTER: TWITCH: Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound: LIVING BETWEEN ROOF CAMPERS! – Rust SOLO Survival Thanks for watching! Related PostsRUST | NEW OVERPOWERED ROOF PUSHING TRICK BASENEW Roof Ramp Exploit! | COMPLETELY Hidden Loot Room + TC! | RUST 3.0 | The ALCOVEHE’S BACK! | ANOTHER new Roof Ramp Exploit! | RUST 3.2 | The TEST TUBEThe New Roof Meta – Rust Base Building 3.2 ExploitNEW ROOF BUNKER – New Rust Exploit Building 3.2Eco Global Survival Gameplay Part 5 | Crafting Log Roof | Survival Game Let’s Play Alpha 5

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