This Living Art Vertical Garden is really a cool and unique product. This is a really great I am to have a few enjoy growing your own herbs or cactus it works really well for both of these. This would also be a really great gift for someone who enjoys growing their own herbs to cook with because you can put this right in your kitchen by your window it not only is a nice decorative piece but it is great to utilize as well. This seems very well-made of nice high-quality materials that should hold up well over time through prolonged use. The assembly of this was very simple and it took no time at all it actually includes everything you need all-in-one to put it together including the screwdriver which I thought was really cool so I didn’t have to search around for one plus it’s a nice small size screwdriver and works really well. This is such a fun and unique product I really like it a lot it’s definitely interesting. I love how this has three separate levels so you can put different plants on each one and it also comes with a little gardening tools that you can skew move around in the dirt with it easily. All-around I really enjoy this product it really is cool to have and is very fun to maintain your plant in. I just really like having my own herbs right there in my kitchen and this is a fun way to grows and it really encourages you to maintain them too. I have not had any problems or issues with this product so far it has been great to have. It is exactly what I was expecting and is accurately described in the description and photos provided.
I was provided this product free for my honest review.

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Living Art Vertical Garden Succulent Cactus Small Plants Herb Planting Cylinder System Unique Gift D

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