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LIVE Tour of My Front Yard and Backyard Edible Garden in Arizona – Winter 2016 Join My Facebook GARDENING GROUP Here: Find Me on Snapchat & Instagram: “JakeMaceTaiChi” Join My New Online Gardening School for at (Scroll to the Bottom) Check out My NEW Gardening STORE Here: JOIN My NEW Facebook GARDENING PAGE! Click HERE: Let’s Garden Together Online. My New Gardening Online School is a month or a year at Check Out & ORDER Our Gardening Supplies & Tree Food HERE: Hit the “Like” button, Click “SUBSCRIBE”, Comment Below, and Share this Video! Friend me on Facebook at Check out my website at Email me at: Check out my other YouTube channels at: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsPermaculture Style Front Yard Winter Vegetable Garden TourEpic Yard Farm – Garden Tour Spring 2015 – Phoenix & Tempe ArizonaArizona Garden Tour – Over 200 Fruit Trees on 1/3 Acre – Spring 2016Arizona backyard Garden 2016My Garden Tour – Phoenix, Arizona 2015 – Edible & Tropical TREESFront Yard Summer Raised Bed Vegetable Garden Tour

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  • Caroline Trevis 8 months ago

    I have two trees and 18 fruit bushes, some herbs too, my parents think I'm crazy… I try to ignore them though
    When I've got lots of fruit I'm sure they'll take it back

  • You know why 8 months ago

    do you have any issues with pests like aphids or white flies that bind to the leafs?

  • man its warm enough
    you dont have to exlpain why u dont cover anything

  • Nubia Fradera 8 months ago

    Are your neighbors respectful of your garden? Like, do they come by and pick off your garden without your permission lol?

  • Brooke Hankin 8 months ago

    Beautiful property! The NZ spinach in your potato bed is a native Australian bush food. It grows prolifically from beach dunes. Growing up, my brothers and I would eat the leaves after surfing!

  • Patricia Sholar Freund 8 months ago

    Do you have a video of when you put in the pond? I'm curious as to how you did that. When you developed the garden did you plant based upon micro climates and exposure?

  • Nathan Rotar 8 months ago

    when you make that kimchi, make a how to on the process. please!

  • Jesus-is-mine 8 months ago

    I'm hungry for rabbit stew!! lol

  • Holly Roling 8 months ago

    Love the garden tours! They are really inspiring. My son and I want to create something similar in our yard but we live in Georgia. Going to have to do some research on what grows best here.

  • Danielle Esposo 8 months ago

    Your garden is everything that I dream mine will become! I can't wait to see your progress through this next year! Happy holidays to you and your family. Best wishes from Texas!

  • Stan TheObserver 8 months ago

    How about raising Tilapia in the pond or a second water set up?

  • Nifty 8 months ago

    You ve got so many fruit trees… and I am following your steps… I live in the Caribbean and 6 months ago decided to grow part of what we eat. Fruit trees are a most, principally guavas, guanabana, nispero, avocado and magoes. Last week planted lime, oranges, tangerine, pomegranate, cranberry, cashew nut, copey, caimito, tamarind, coconut and zapote.
    Thank you for your inspiring tour! I really did enjoy it!

  • Ryan Davies 8 months ago

    EPIC man!

  • Nathan Rotar 8 months ago

    I have been going around my neighborhood collecting everyones leaves. I have a pretty substantial later on the yard over all my wood chips. and was out in the yard pulling back the leaves after the rain, and noticed steam. grabbed my compost thermometer got a reading of 110 degrees. you think i created a microclimate?

  • Hung Nguyen 8 months ago

    have you gotten fruit off any of your avocado trees?

  • Oscar Macias 8 months ago

    love your videos and your garden keep up the good garden videos can u give me some tips to how to keep healthy every day merry Christmas

  • Rich Kate 8 months ago

    I'm blown away by the tremendous growth in the relatively short year you have been growing Jake. It's simply unbelievable! Love the pond as well, so relaxing looking. A little slice of paradise for sure. Blessings, Katrina