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Be sure to follow me on Twitter: Let’s get as many Likes as possible! ­čśÇ Be sure to check out the first episode if you haven’t already:… New to the Wolf Pack? Hit up the Subscribe button and become a Cub today! Thanks for watching! Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsKid RAGES on PvZ Garden WarfarePlaying Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare (#3) (PS3) (KID GAMING)Playing Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare (#5) (Zomboss Estate) (KID GAMING)The Asian Kid Gamer – Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden WarfareLets Play Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 #2: Mom & Kids Play 1st Time (FGTEEV Beta Gameplay)Millie, Geoff, and Griffon play Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare – Kids Play

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  • Saul Cartledge 1 year ago

    i was there!!!´╗┐

  • Epic Gaming 1 year ago

    By the way try to do quests because your multiplyer will go and you will level up your characters even more :)´╗┐

  • xZOMBIExMARKx Ponce 1 year ago

    good luck with camo cactus´╗┐

  • Phantom Eclipse 1 year ago

    Fuck yeah Camo cactus :P´╗┐

  • master slayer 1 year ago

    wtf was the kid on crack´╗┐

  • Anime Twin 1 year ago

    Good luck with the camo cactus´╗┐

  • MegaOrange 1 year ago

    Hey Wolfen what is your favorite plant and zombie ps again love videos´╗┐

  • marcin jr 1 year ago

    nice vid m8´╗┐

  • Matt Sisson 1 year ago

    first mabye ly´╗┐

  • Wolfy Playz 1 year ago

    This is a re-upload guys! I forgot to watch it through before uploading it and found an annoying editing fail once it was already up. Hence the re-upload. Apologies. Wolfy´╗┐