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  • Nikhil Bondar 10 months ago

    +Dushyant Kshatriya hyacha kadhe classes lav 😛

  • Genesis digamon 10 months ago

    whoa….. that's is so amazing ….. ahhhh…..I've got jealos because  he knows how to speak in different languages….. I hope that you will  teach me……

  • M S Prabhakar 10 months ago

    INDIA'S GOT TALENT I wonder if Smriti Irani (HRD minister who wants German replaced with Sanskrit in schools) has watched this…

    Ravi, a young Gujarati boy, now known as the Lingo Kid all over the internet, sells peacock feathers his grandmother makes to tourists at Mumbai's Hanging Gardens. He was eight when he started selling feathers and could not speak English. In a few years Ravi could rattle off a sale in more languages than the former Pope – and with a faster tongue and sharper accent. He's full of fun facts too, such as the seasons in which various nationalities prefer to travel. Spaniards and Italians he says, love to visit Mumbai in the monsoon.

    When he was interviewed again by the same Englishman named Sammy a few years later, he goes on record to say that he didn't want to go to school, because there he could learn just English, whereas out on the street he's picked up 10 different tongues.

    If the ingenuity of Mumbai's street hawkers and pavement peddlers needed a poster boy, Ravi the Lingo Kid would be it.

  • Rahul Kumar 10 months ago

    Here begins the Indian entrepreneurship.Am sure London School of Economics will never get it. 

  • Fernando Hernandez 10 months ago

    I will purchase the child and place him in school!

  • blabby102 10 months ago

    His Japanese is pretty muddled up….

  • Alan Brito 10 months ago

    Solo vine por el segundo 20

  • Gennosuke84 10 months ago

    kids name is Ravi Kumar.. video is old.. he is much older now

  • What he says in French doesn't make any sense :/

  • matt brown 10 months ago

    ever memorize something? so did he.

  • javier najera 10 months ago

    hes on his way to answer my phone call about my shitty internet connection 

  • T-roll 1557 10 months ago

    Just imitating…

  • Mindchime Official 10 months ago

    This is not a talent or a gift.  It's called a skill.  And hopefully he takes his skills and makes a ton of money as an international translator for a career.  Big money in that stuff.

  • the real slum dog millionaire

  • kranthi vishwanath 10 months ago

    He's awesome

  • Swapnil Bhate 10 months ago

    he is going viral on whatsapp

  • Swapnil Bhate 10 months ago

    wowww what a talent.

  • Jaspal S 10 months ago

    India has talent – May God bless him with better life 🙂

  • Jaspal S 10 months ago

    Can anybody provide me his contact information if any. Just want to reward him for being a unique talent. I am located in US.