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The is one of the greenest company in Japan, and research and developed the lightest green roof soil in Japan. Great for flowers and vegitables. There are many layers to a green roof. The first is a sealed roof membrane. Followed by a protection fabric to shield the roof membrane. A layer of ballast stone is placed along the perimeter… Related PostsGreen Roof Overview by Greensulate CEO, Amy Norquist.Prairie Green RoofShipping container house – Green roofOptigrBuilding a Green Roof Part 2: Leak DetectionBuilding a Green Roof Part 1: Introduction

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    if i understood this it’d help, anyone???

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    can u please translate?

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    like the clip. check out my home energy stuff using Rooftop Wind Turbines
    and solar panels on my roof. I just won a Green Design Contest with my
    product on EarthDay. Friends and Subscribers Welcome. Thanks, Sam