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✨Light-up Terrarium Kit for Kids with LED Light on Lid | Create Your Own Customized Mini Garden in a Jar that Glows at Night | Great Science Kits Gifts for Children | Kids Toys | by Mini Explorer✨ 🌿🌱 The Light-up Terrarium Kit for Kids with LED Light on Lid is a fun introduction into the hobby of keeping an enclosed miniature habitat what essentially a terrarium is. 🌿🌱🌱 This terrarium kit is foolproof and so it’s perfect for beginners. My daughter Alex took great pleasure in setting up the terrarium. There’s the soil, the sand, tiny rocks, seeds and a cute bunny and mushroom house. 🌿🌱🌱 I guided Alex through the whole set up and she eagerly helped me whenever she could. All this process has been a fun experience for both of us. And finally, I let her place the seeds into the soil. She cautiously separated the wheat grass and the chia seeds, so each was planted in its own half inside the terrarium. 🌿🌱🌱 Now for good measure, we sprayed water onto the soil again. I instructed her to spray a bit of water every day and to be patient. She did exactly as I told. And soon, the seeds sprouted and Alex jumped happily. She held the little terrarium in front of me and we took picture of this “event”. 🌿🌱🌱 As the chia and wheat grass reached over an inch in height, Alex studied more and more her terrarium and told me “look, the roots touch the bottom”. 🌿🌱🌱 We still have the original chia and wheatgrass growing in the terrarium and Alex likes to have it on her night table lighted up before sleep. 🌿🌱🌱 As you have seen, a Mini Explorer Terrarium can bring lots of fun and my daughter still maintains […]

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