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Catching up on things that have happened over the summer while I was mostly too busy to create updates. Things like… I quit my job! My off grid power system info – My Tiny House cost info – A backpacking trip in the mountains near here – ***************************************************************** If you are new to my channel and Fy Nyth in general, welcome! I’m Ariel. I live off grid (as in no physical connection to public utilities) in a tiny house on wheels in the mountains of western Wyoming. I’ve been living this lifestyle for the past three years now and love it! What will you find if you follow my channel and watch my videos? Real life here. I try to show the good and the bad. The ups and the downs. What works, and what doesn’t. The parts I love (most of it!), and the things that suck. Not just the showroom version of a tiny house, but everyday life in a tiny house. Not just the romantic idea of “homesteading” or off grid life, but the everyday details of this lifestyle. I split my own wood for heat, carry my water by hand, and attempt to grow as much of my own food (there’s cooking videos too!) as I can between the weather and wildlife here. I hope to help others learn from my mistakes and make life just a little easier for anyone else interested in pursuing a similar lifestyle. I live in a somewhat harsh and cold climate, but enjoy the stunning sceanery and wildlife that I am surrounded by on a daily basis. You’ll also see videos of of the nature and wildlife around my home. If you are interested in my photography or purchasing a photo, I’d love if you follow that […]

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  • Kingdom Focus 2 months ago

    Awesome! So encouraged by you and your channel!

  • William Kiel 2 months ago


  • Sunray06 2 months ago

    Buy Bitcoin & Ethereum and you will be free for life.

  • How tall are you?

  • Karen Brown 2 months ago

    Just watched this (12-2) so hoping everything is still working out financially for you.

  • wontawn 2 months ago

    I quit serving for the same reason. It got me through college and I bounced. I didn't like the job always, but I made lots of friends and that's why I was able to do it for so long.

  • Ann Austin 2 months ago

    Congrats! I hope you weren't the employee that was choked by the owner! That was pretty crazy.

  • Carrie Bishop 2 months ago

    Thankyou for sharing you life with us.I'am a new subscriber. I like learning from your experienced all your tips. Anyway,Takecare. Carrie

  • Peter Lee 2 months ago

    Thank you for sharing, inspiring. I quited my job at a gun store about 3 months ago. For awhile it was like working in a candy store. Wrong! I love guns but doesn’t mean I love working in that environment. Sometimes we need to remove ourself from a situation. Bless you from New Zealand.

  • pcguy 2 months ago

    Wow, it blows my mind how much you look like my oldest daughter.

  • Connie Flanagan 2 months ago

    Good for you!!!! God Bless and be happy!!!

  • Medora Kea 2 months ago

    I'm in love with that wood stove! Where'd you get it?

  • MrSafetyForever 2 months ago

    Very inspiring! Just found your channel and subscribed. Take Care

  • Charity McGowen 2 months ago

    How did you expose yourself to being available for these off jobs? I'm intrigued

  • Apt215 Melissa Brown 2 months ago

    Thank you. Inspiring. And no children. Smart lady.

  • Ken Alexander 2 months ago

    Are you Married?

  • Subash Mainali 2 months ago

    I think what you are doing is basically a country living but you are more isolated because of the remoteness  of your house and you are living by yourself. You grew up in a small town playing in the woods thats why you could put up with this lifestyle. City girls and boys should NOT try this as they will be bored to death and end up moving back to the city. It's really pleasant to watch your video but honestly i would never live in a tiny house in such a remote area with snow and extreme cold. I love and enjoy watching your lifestyle there but I know very truly its not for me.

  • Marc A Gagnon 2 months ago

    You could make money with your wildlife photo's

  • Fredrik Larsson 2 months ago

    Hi Ariel! One thing is for sure: I have never had a boring day in my life! Somehow I suspect you are immune too… As long as you make as much as you need, being free to choose what you do with your time, that's just plain great.

    Now, I know just too well what it means when feet hurts like mad. I managed to find a kind of shoes which at least made it possible to stand up to cook and do such things. Little by little feet healed thanks to them. They have a kind of air sole and they have been a true blessing. My old pair are falling to pieces after many years of daily use and I'm looking for a new one. It seems they are sold under a new name, but I'll post a link when I have the correct one if it's OK with you.

  • onehappynegro 2 months ago

    i'm 42 yrs old man. apart from working/inspering kids and working with elderly care none of the other jobs were fun.
    i can't believe the waitress pay situation in america not to get paid more than 2 USD / hour.