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How would you settle a bet over how many career triples Pete Rose had? Or what’s the primary export of Peru? Where would you go to find the answer? These days, we’d just turn to the internet, where almost all of recorded human knowledge is collected and readily available at our fingertips. The Internet has drastically changed our ability to find and research even the most trivial of topics, so it’s almost astonishing to think that just twenty years ago, you would have had to call the library. In 1993, Doug Sawyer and Wendy Miller went to the Harold Washington Library to document the Chicago Public Library Information Service for a segment for Chicago Slices. The footage never made it to air, and this unique service soon faded into relative obscurity as internet search engines outpaced its usefulness. Thankfully, it hasn’t been forgotten. The raw tape survived and has now been digitized through the support of the National Historical Publications and Records Commission, the Gaylord and Dorothy Donnelley Foundation, and supporters like you. So take a moment and look back into a past nearly forgotten, and reflect on just how much change can happen in 20 short years. Watch the full video inside Harold Washington Library for free at Media Burn Archive: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsWaterford Twp Public Library Craft Series: Hanging SucculentsEverliving Greenery | Chicago Office Plant Rentals & ServiceGoogle WebmastersShocking information of IT Dept on Raid at Sasikala’s Room in Poes GardenInstallation of a Green Roof on the Free Library in Philadelphia, PACreating a Green Roof Keystone Library CEA PLTW

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  • Young Dungeon 10 months ago

    wow think about how psycology was BEFORE GOogLe

  • human asthma 10 months ago

    paula looks like captain janeway from star trek voyager

  • Hakkiim 10 months ago

    Just think about the people that got Master's Degrees in this field. They've probably been screwed for quite a while now…

  • Not-Homesick NG 10 months ago

    All the hours I've spent standing at a card catalog, how could I forget about life before Google? And yet, it has become a faint memory.

  • Harold Smyser 10 months ago

    Great clip to use when helping students in 3th or 4th grade understand life before the internet.