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Liberty Farms is a community-based hydroponic farm in Grant Valkaria, Florida. Our Ultra Fresh and Delicious produce is grown above ground without soil. Our plants are grown in a sterile perlite/coconut fiber substrate in vertical grow towers that receive just the right amount of water and nutrients by means of a computer controlled irrigation system that delivers water to the crops two to four times daily. This system not only conserves energy and water use, it reduces insect infestation and the need to use potentially harmful insecticides. Our system’s crop yields are five to ten times that of traditional ground farming methods. Related PostsBehind the Scenes with Future Farms (India) – Our Hydroponic Rooftop Farm – Latest UpdateBehind the Scenes with Future Farms (India) – #18 Our new Hydroponic large-scale farm, KelambakkamBehind the Scenes with Future Farms (India) – Our new Hydroponic Rooftop Farm – Day 1Freight Container Vertical Hydroponic Farm (Better Fresh Farms, Guyton GA)!!!Vertical Hydroponic Lettuce Experiment – Week 6 – HydroVert FarmsHome Town Farms: The New Vertical Urban Farm

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  • climbericn 1 year ago

    Working with Val and team has certainly been a pleasure.  Liberty Farms is a fantastic local, as fresh as you can get venture in Vertical Agriculture that will impact local, fresh, clean, super high quality food in their community.  What a way to get involved with them…right now.   It is truely something to see in person.  Check out their website for all the details and updates  It has been both a blessing and honor to work with Val and team.  On behalf of Verti-Gro and our team we will continue to give our best for their best benefit.  Keep up the exceptional work Liberty Farms Team!  It's is a pleasure working with you all.  -Mike Reppe, Verti-Gro