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Today we’re playing more Grow Castle! If you want to see more Grow Castle SMASH that like button and if you have any other game ideas let me know down below 🙂 👍 Did you remember to Like the video? 💬 Did you remember to leave an awesome comment? 🌟 Did you remember to subscribe for more AWESOME VIDEOS?!?! ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ FOLLOW ME 🌌 Follow me on Instagram: 🐦 Follow me on Twitter: ☄️ Follow me on Facebook: ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 🎁CHECK OUT MY MERCH 🎁 🥋 👚 Video Rating: / 5 Got gold? Join chat: Donate if you want : Stream: Instagram: Music by: and Related PostsTHIS NEW TOWER IS DOING HOW MUCH DAMAGE!?!? | Grow CastleI MUST UPGRADE MY CASTLE! l Grow Tower: CASTLE DEFENDER TD!Have YOU Played this game?!?! | Grow Castle!DID I COMPLETE THE GAME GROW TOWER Castle Defender TDGrow Tower: Castle Defender TD – Gameplay Trailer (Android)Grow Tower: Castle Defender TD Android Gameplay

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  • Иван Лизогуб 6 months ago

    Всем привет я тут начал играть в горв Касл и у меня появилась такая идея как накопить миллиард денег и показать вам начал копить вот первые накопления, но не просто накопить а накопить и потратить на ваше усмотрение пишите в комментариях на что их потратить скрины своих накоплений буду выкладывать каждые 3 дня в конце запишу видео интересно что получится следите за мной ВКонтакте

  • João Raphael Malafaia 6 months ago

    O meu castelo e nível

  • Arturo Diaz 6 months ago

    Que hack

  • Susanto Meilva 6 months ago


  • Todoshipta Aishite 6 months ago

    wow…I only lv46 =(

  • alex rogall 6 months ago

    How do you get the red text gems

  • mayang sari 6 months ago

    I love grow castle

  • baby doge 6 months ago

    Can you kick out someone so I could join at 8:30 am plz your my favorite youtuber

  • Hiếu Bùi 6 months ago

    1=a 2=d 3=b/////213 me

  • metal 20501 6 months ago

    how can you even get the minigun castle

  • imee buban 6 months ago

    You djdn't by the cursed knife

  • creeper and squid 6 months ago

    I just started playing this game any suggestions

  • Shannon Miller 6 months ago

    What is this game on

  • The Digital Frog 6 months ago

    you need summon units there better than rocket guy and the wind girl

  • Easy Kitai 6 months ago

    my guild Vongolla … password vongollaq. GO

  • Tye Durrant 6 months ago

    Well you probably could get them up if you don't constantly kicking people

  • Sean Scott 6 months ago

    Does tewity play every game that I play

  • OG_Slayer 6 months ago

    Mr Tewtiy, I see you whant to make Town Artchers (TA) do lots of DM. There is a Bild that makes your artchers 100% Crit with Bones DM. If your Intrested please frend me on Disscord @ Marlinzz#8377

  • OG_Slayer 6 months ago

    Hello Tewtiy i would like to join the gild im wave 10k

  • kaneki ken 6 months ago


  • Game online 6 months ago

    hello!! I am Phúc, I want to phay a grow catscle , may be I think abount you is Hacker

  • Awesome YT Acosta 6 months ago

    I like the video but I hate the game

  • Sarah Skyican 6 months ago

    320 waves ? 33millions ?? WHAT ?

  • TheGodYT Reaction 6 months ago

    : 3r₫

  • Kristian Plat 6 months ago

    That's about the money i have on my bank account xD

  • GoldenSnow 6 months ago