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Read the blog at How Cirrus LED Grow Lights Helped Cape Cod-Based LetUs Farms Light Up Their Commercial Indoor Farm When we began working with Allen and the team at LetUs Farms, a commercial indoor farm in Cape Cod, they needed a lighting option for growing lettuce and kale. Cirrus LED Grow Light expert Richard Clay immediately began by addressing their needs. By identifying their business goals, facility size, and budget, Richard assisted in creating a custom layout just for LetUs Farms. Related PostsColorado indoor grow lights transforms commercial agriculture growingLED Grow Lights & Artificial Lighting for Gardening, Greenhouses and Vertical FarmsCannabis Vertical Farm with LED Grow Lights from BML HorticultureVertical Farm ‘Growing Underground’ – Delicious Microgreens with Valoya LED Grow LightsCannabis Vertical Farm with LED Grow Lights from BML HorticultureFluence Grow Lights at Franklin BioScience Cannabis Vertical Farm

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