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FAQ: 0:23 What soil do you like to use? 1:48 What Fertilizer do you like? 2:20 How much light do you give your succulents? 3:35 Is it okay to mix cacti and succulents? 4:51 How many plants can you put in a container? 6:14 How much should I water my succulents? Drainage Vs No Drainage Links: How to Drill a Drain Hole in Metal – How to Drill a Drain Hole in Glass – How to Drill a Drain Hole in Ceramic – Antique Dough Bowl Turned Succulent Planter – Follow us Here: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Email: Send Mail To – 580 S Oregon St, Ontario, Oregon 97914 Gear we use: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHow to care for succulents & make a succulent wall planter[Electro House] DJ Hydroponic X5 : Lets Get StartedLED’s, HVAC, & Breakthrough Innovations | Let’s Talk Indoor Farming!Economics of Indoor Growing (Live) | Let’s Talk Indoor Farming!Startup Costs and Financing Strategies | Let’s Talk Indoor Farming!Internal Rate of Return for Indoor Growers | Let’s Talk Indoor Farming!

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  • nikki199117 1 year ago

    good to know about the gravel. was planning to put lots in mine. Although I'm thinking of only putting little bit like 1 cm tall for aesthetic/decoration purposes and then charcoal and lots of soil. my container is a no drainage type that is transparent so I'll know (I hope) that I'm not over watering.

  • manas vatsal 1 year ago

    hi Garden Answers… I really like your videos and succulents are what I love a lot. but sadly not able to find its seeds in India. could u tell me where can I get those in US. my requirement is for indoor succulents.

  • Susan Richey 1 year ago

    Hi Laura, I'm loving your videos. There is something so effortless about what you do. And you appreciate the plants and the things you create. You can see the love.

    I am new to succulents. And I am thinking of making Christmas wreaths as gifts. It is mid-September now. Do I have time to propagate a bunch of succulents and grow them up in time to create a wreath in November/December? Is that a good plan? Or will it not work because of the cold weather coming in. Also, I'd love to see you show a really neglected, grown out, and messed up project and clean it up. In other words…how do these things look 3 months later? 🙂

    All the best,


  • 1976DannyG 1 year ago

    Thanks for a great video. I owned a professional landscape company for years,and I gotta tell you that your attitude is awesome. I always said the same thing,do what you like and keep in tune with your plants. I am from Colo and am new to indoor succulents so this is helpful. New subscriber here!

  • Smita Thekkepat 1 year ago

    Wow, very interesting, no gravel in non drainage pots. This is great to know, as I was planning to make a terrarium and every instruction I have seen states to putt a layer of gravel first before the charcoal and the soil. I won't be doing that now! Thanks so much for the education!

  • simplyeffe 1 year ago

    your knowledge of these beautiful plants is very helpful ,lm very greatful thank u

  • M Sebastian Vasquez-Navez 1 year ago

    Where the link about the rocks in a terrarium?

  • hamsablue 1 year ago

    If making an arrangement in a glass container, are gravel/rocks ok for visual purposes on the bottom, or do you think it's just not a good idea for the health of the plant in the long run?

  • Salma Rizk 1 year ago

    Good day, great explanation, is it correct to water the succulent plant in a pot through clear 5mm hose going inside the soil under the plant area. thank you

  • Modern Furniture 1 year ago

    Good Video, good Present i like succulent plant.

  • Joseph Sherby 1 year ago

    What about sand on the bottom of a terrarium rather than gravel?

  • Vivian Gerard 1 year ago

    do i need to repot my plants to bring them indoors for the winter

  • Cathrine Santos 1 year ago

    Placing big rocks on the bottom improves drainage thats why some do it.

  • eladbari 1 year ago

    problem is, i see my succulent / plant turn its leaf brown/yellow/black and i NEVER know if i overwatered or underwatered it?? :

  • Joyce F 1 year ago

    The tiny succulents they put in fairy gardens…. Are they forever tiny or will they keep small size if the pot is tiny?

  • Lauren Pysher 1 year ago

    So if you don't use gravel in terarriums, would someone list the order of the layers please? I don't really want a terarrium with just soil and succulents. Thanks!

  • Rebecca Stinchcomb 1 year ago

    Just like the moon and the sun and tides change so should our plants:) older we get the less we like change. Think what life would be like it we all ate P B and J everyday? Boring:) Thank you Very helpful video

  • December Caswell 1 year ago

    I live in West Virginia/Northern Virginia area! How well would succulents do in my area? What Succulents would be best?

  • Suman Noorain 1 year ago