Thought I should put reminders of how you can aid my progress in the game.
1) Should I replace dolls with joke articles, ladders with snow shovels?
2) Farming situation – expansion? more farms, more stores, how to get plastic for ketchup? – buy from importer, or ship from main hub
3) Main Hub – any suggestions for improvements? More ships diverted to Right Hand hub?
4) Electronics – should I enter this new industry? if so where?
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Let’s Play Industry Giant 2: Part 15 – Farming & Trains, New Electronics, Your Turn

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  • Fromikeable

    Get into electronics; as the market expands, you'll be the one with the foot-hold, ergo the advantage. Get rid of ladders (no one liked them anyway ;P ). Expand the food industry to a stage where you don't have that potato problem, but I'd rather you didn't open any new markets until electronics are settled and the rest is okay. Make sure the iron situation is totally fine at the Hub. Also, establish the electronic industry near the copper. Then, add a harbor, or just link it with trains!

  • Novawolf4000

    i think you should delete some of the boats and make more trains as you have seen the boats are in a massive mess.

    you should go for the ketchup as you have a shit tonne of oil to make plastic you might even have to make anouther chemical factory.

    you should replace the ladders with snow shovles. if you do make snow shovles you can delete some of the boats as you wont need alot of shoves during 3/4 sesons.

    you should make electronics because they sell for big money……..

  • Novawolf4000

    ………and as the time goes by more electronic things will be invented so you will have a bigger veriaty of things to sell.

    also did one of the messages that popped up say something about airports? (just asking).

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