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Fifth (005) episode in my “Let’s Play Dream” video series about lucid dreaming. This video covers me wandering around the snowy desert a bit more but eventually I return to the garden and work on the laser light puzzle a bit until I figure it out. This apparently makes me a Gardener but I’m going to pull one out of my dad’s hat and call myself a Master Gardener instead. We return for one last romp through the snowy desert before I wake myself up into something of a nightmare in real life. Dream Steam: Dream Website: HyperSloth Website: HyperSloth on Twitter: AwesomeMattG on Twitter: Want to Donate?: Video Rating: / 5 Related Posts[Electro House] DJ Hydroponic X5 : Lets Get StartedHow to Become a Tarrant County Master GardenerAdvanced Master Gardener“MASTER GARDENER” Sims 3 Island Paradise Ep 65Master Gardener Course TestimonialGardening Tips & Tricks : Becoming a Master Gardener

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