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It´s really important to get young children interested in gardening, says Monty Don (BBC Gardener’s World) at press conference at Sofiero, Sweden. Questions from Sara Bäckmo. Follow me at: Blog: Facebook: Instagram: YouTube: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsMonty Don how to get kids interested in gardening ( Monty Don from Gardeners World BBC )Winter gardening with Monty Don (BBC Gardener's World)Woolly Pocket at BBC Gardeners’ World 2012Woolly Pocket at BBC Gardeners’ World 2012Woolly Pocket at BBC Gardeners’ World 2012Gardeners World

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  • apislapis 4 months ago

    Like many of my passions in life there have been times where I have fallen out of love with them – or so it would seem. In 1984 I first started collecting synthesisers but stopped by 1990, only to resume in 2001 and to stop again in 2004. I got my music tech degree in 2010 after starting again in 2007 and qualified as a teacher in 2017. My first wife and I got our house in 1996 and we had a decent sized garden. I discovered Geoff Hamilton to inspire me. Sadly he died and my enthusiasm died too. I got divorced met someone new, wonderful and better for me. I rediscovered GW in 2015 with Monty. We moved to a new house and I built a strange poly tunnel cum greenhouse and then I became ill with various conditions including mobility issues meaning it takes me a long time to do simple things in the garden. I've learnt that the garden helps me with my depression and anxiety immensely. I am not a very good gardener but trying my best is what counts. I built my own greenhouse like my grandad because it reminded me of him and somehow I feel connected. When I was young I would stand in his greenhouse and his work-shed and the world would be at peace. Perhaps my passion for veg really stems from way back then. Let's get kids interested in gardening when they're young. They may well go off it for other subjects but like me, eventually they may well return to gardening.

  • Tim Walter 4 months ago

    he's such a great guy – thanks for the interview

  • Anneli Leiegård 4 months ago

    Vad härligt privat han kändes 😉 Jag har odlat sen jag fick barnen men lyckades inte få mina buspojkar inkluderade. Bor på landet, och sönerna pluggar nu i Sthlm. Och nu säger dom, när vi är klara här kommer vi hem och odlar något. Så bara att ha odling i sitt liv kan fungera

  • Sara Bäckmo 4 months ago

    Vilken härlig stil han har! Vad tycker du om Monty Don?