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Advances in LED lighting have led to the growth of a new industry. So exactly how much energy does it require to bring a crop to harvest? Join us for a closer look at the economics of LED lighting. 6:06 Why should you consider HVAC? 8:27 Benefits of good climate control – Pest control 11:02 Understanding costs of HVAC 14:36 Balancing operational costs down the road with upfront capital expenses 15:15 What should you think about when you are getting started with an HVAC system 20:13 What are people paying for electric in Lubbock Texas, Vancouver Canada, Red Lodge Montana, Seattle, and Oslo (Dubai!) 22:42 What are the questions you should be prepared to answer before speaking with an HVAC/LED lighting consultant? 25:41 How do you get to a basic estimate for HVAC costs? 26:55 LEDs actually do release heat. Discussion about efficiency 28:59 Arrive at a tons-cooling need 32:38 Do we need redundancy when we are designing our HVAC? 34:14 Example using a 7,500 square foot growing floor A nice demonstration on sprout growing. Check out the Green Employment Channel at This method of indoor farming can provide a very plentiful income with a very small start up cost. Sell your sprouts at your farmers market and to stores in your area. Life and Love tv is dedicated to exploring low start up business initiatives. Building economy from the ground up with a localized economy. Related PostsStartup Costs and Financing Strategies | Let’s Talk Indoor Farming!Economics of Indoor Growing (Live) | Let’s Talk Indoor Farming!Investing in Indoor Farming (Replay) | Let’s Talk Indoor Farming!Internal Rate of Return for Indoor Growers | Let’s Talk Indoor Farming!The Evolution of Indoor Farming | Let’s Talk Indoor Farming!LET’S TALK: Succulent Care & FAQ

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  • chris shepherd 1 year ago

    What needs to be done is to bring back Closed Ammonia systems to Commercial use , not just Industrial Use.

  • TsunboRecords 1 year ago

    The average in France is 12 US cents per Kw during peak and 8 US cents per Kw during off-peak

  • Henrik Brunberg 1 year ago

    8 cents or 0.67 skr per kwh including taxes im in Gothenburg Sweden private rate

  • JT Bear 1 year ago

    7.5 cents per kilowat at the house here in South Western Manitoba. No idea about commercial rates though.

  • SPIRIT WINGS 1 year ago

    Wonderful !!! Thank you ! :)

  • Clo Nus 1 year ago

    this is great, however, for light you probably dont want to use anything like HPS, MH or cheap florescent lights, these lights wont allow a good brix value for plants you eat. The best newer technology you can buy are probably MI lights, just google "biosonictech" and look at the PAR spectrum.

    thanks for sharing!

  • blakerwalk 1 year ago

    thats good thanks for the post

  • mothertory 1 year ago

    @mothertory also, do you have to cover the bowls?

  • mothertory 1 year ago

    do they just sit in the bowl with no water during the day or do you refill the bowl for a daytime soak as well?

  • dan020350 1 year ago

    upload more videos on indoor farming

  • Tyler Clark 1 year ago

    I would have a room in my house to grow my food.