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In this video The Lettuce People is testing different lighting layout options for stacked vertical indoor hydroponic lettuce production using HO T5’s and Phillips LED Production module. For more information on the LED’s (Be sure to check out the brochure!); Related PostsLED Lighting for indoor gardening RED for growth BLUE for toughness CLEAR natural taste6 Laws of Plant Growth That You Must Know and FollowHydroponic Tomato Seedlings in DIY system T5 lightingIndoor Hydroponic Strawberry – Day 30 Maintenance, Algae and Plant GrowthIntelligent Gro II, 270W LED Grow light, review, unboxing, install and testing.Automated Indoor Vertical Grow Wall with LED Lighting + More at CES 2017

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  • a1hardwood 1 year ago

    ok here is a formula i use. regular floresents growing distance=2". 2 lights =4". and so on. you also need reflection on the edges or side lights. im not sure how much more ho or t-5's are but the more streams of light magnifies the light. use a photo meter and you will see what it also mean so you need to lower the t-5 so the growing range hits the plants as much as posible.?

  • Ponniah Kunathasan 1 year ago

    Hi Katie. Nice video and perfect testing. Thanks.

    Red leds lights are just red lreds or red and blue mixed leds.
    I have a real confution about growong with led.

    I have a 5m long RED LED strip light. Can I buy 1m long Blue LED strip light and mix them 5:1 and will that light work as a grow light? or are they special LEDs for grow lights??

  • Simon Case 1 year ago

    have you tried blue light led's and lights with UV spectrum's?

    I guarantee blue LED'S would grow the vegative growth much faster and with tighter heads?

  • Pablo Alas 1 year ago

    I see u use the LED with colour and ELD with no colour ie white does this make a difference in your oppinion?
    also in other plance you u only had your hand in Lettuce growing??

  • maroun BADR 1 year ago

    Thank you very much for sharing your experiments, I have watched the other videos as well,
    I believe you can save more with led lights, leafy plants require more blue(380-480nm ) than red(600-680 nm), red is needed for flowering and fruit growth , I believe the leds you installed are 4 red:1 blue ratio try to have a reversed ratio .

  • goldwin888 1 year ago

    Great video, very informative :)?

  • Genus 1 year ago

    I personally care about the quality of lettuce than the cost of the wattage.

  • Frederick Frigault 1 year ago

    what are the kelvin of the high out put t5, hand why are they so fart from the cenopy, they could be 4 inch from the canopy, and it would have solve the problem, tho i undersdand the physique being colors and chlorophyll a and b intake from the color spectrum, off royal bleu in the 440-460 nanometers and the deep red 640-660 nanometer range , the high output on they other hand do no imittent the color needed and they calculate in kelvin and i believe it's color are absorbed by the white the particul inside the tube , (and always wonder if the outside layer would be coated with a color, if it would make a difference… i think this experience should have been done at suggested distance with the same amount of wattage , to really show the difference between both setup, and three king of t5, more 6500k then 3000k about 4 inch from canopy .. since more wattage give out more intensity and more energy which in the and gives out more growth, get a par reader set the light so they mesure the same lumen by stting light distance with same amount of wattage,, this way you would have gotten a similar crop with the t5 then you've gotten with the led, hand would have gotten a double yeild in weight with the led, and you would not have gotten to even have to try to show comparisson it would have show from 4 meters away,?

  • Billy Joel 1 year ago

    know curious would the LEDS work as well with Tomatoes??

  • Ivan Quin 1 year ago

    Very good experiment, but I think they both look pretty good. I would eat the hell out of both of Em. But the LEDs make much more sense economically, thanks,respect?

  • julien parcel 1 year ago

    Hi ! What's the ratio Red:Blue one this Philps LED Strip??

  • 1 year ago

    Hi Katie.
    For seedlings, are you using rockwool cubes? Also, as you plant your seeds, how many seeds per cube, also do you start the light right away or do you wait a little? How long are the lights on??

  • alex pocovnicu 1 year ago

    t5 not close enough?

  • Shana Cochin 1 year ago

    LED Panel Light Square Warm White 12W suitable for planted aquariums?

  • S Brewster 1 year ago

    So… $700 in led lighting to grow a 3' x 3' raft of lettuce?! I'm just starting to learn about lighting for an indoor garden, so far LED seems like a gargantuhuge waste of money if you're growing anything legal…?

  • sean craig 1 year ago

    Why doesn't the lettuce turn red? I've seen other hydroponic lettuce with grow lights and they're not red either. Is it the light spectrum or something missing in nutrients? Just curious…?

  • ABC_Easy _123 1 year ago

    I went to the Philips web page and watched the video that provided more information on these lights. A woman narrating the video said that these lights have the option to work at 90% or 70% capacity. At 90% capacity these lights give you roughly 20,000 hours and at 70% you get 50,000 hours. If you're going to use these at 90% capacity at twelve hours a day that comes out to less than five years worth of use. At $176 for one four foot long strip I am having a hard time justifying the overall cost.

    Addendum: Also, you will notice that Katie didn't use any type of reflector for any of the T5HO light fixtures. So quite a bit of light is being lost which could have been directed back onto the plants.

    I want to make the switch to LED from my T5HO for my indoor succulent and cacti plants but I'm just not convinced that the expense is really worth it. :(?

  • Simon Carr 1 year ago

    Hi Thanks for all the videos, they have been really helpful for me in planning my own garage Hydroponics setup in the UK.

    When you first transplant your lettuce into the NFT system do you have the water touching your net pots, or do you let the roots grow down to the water??

  • Tikki Bear 1 year ago

    Did you ever compare sunlight and LED that which one is grow plant better?
    Most people that I know, they say glowing plant by sunlight is better than LED, but recently I just saw a video clip that some Japanese company glow their hydroponic farm with LED and so you do too, Does that because LED is better than sunlight??

  • Grave1011 1 year ago

    Thanks for the video Katie. Could you possibly provide some specifics for your growing trays.
    1. What are the dimensions of the trays ?
    2. How far are the lights apart (LED) ?
    3. Are you using a 'bell siphon' system to drain the water reservoirs periodically to allow aeration of the roots, or a similar method ?
    4. Are there cheaper alternatives to the Philips LED's, that you have or are planning on testing ?
    5. What is the lumen difference between 4 LED strips and 4 T5 lights ?

    Love the scientific approach you are taking!?