Added by on 2016-05-04 This LED starter kit is awesome. 300W LED grow light with 6 station hydroponics tub, water and air pumps, air stones, timer, nutrients and grow tent included Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHydroponic starter kits Hydroponics System of Gardening HasHydroponics for Beginners (Tent Starter Kit ,Flood & Drain, Vertical Aeroponics, Doser)GLF PhytoPot Starter Kit | Affordable Home Hydroponics Growing SystemHydroponic Starter KitBuild Your Own Hydroponic Starter KitsVegetable Gardening For Dummies – Basic Guide

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  • Loria Moore 1 year ago

    Surely you can save money making hydroponics by yourself instead of buying it.

  • Jack Hanson 1 year ago

    This company is a scam…they sell complete systems but their equipment is substandard and they don't ship what they claim they will and then they don't stand behind their word…they also do business as the Hydroponics Group. Stay away from them or you will be waisting your money

  • CounterCultureLives 1 year ago

    Regarding your products testing:
    "We're currently testing a few high priced, mass production hydroponic systems and conducting side-by-side comparisons with different hydroponic nutrients as well. In the works are comparison between LED vs CFL vs Metal Halide lighting and a 'clinical' trial on soil vs. water–which does better indoor grows?"
    ** Any recent developments??