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It is time to get gardening! Check out the LED lights here for 20% off – .$ .99 organic seeds – Please check us out at and follow us on…. Tweets by sslfamilyfarm Daily Beetle by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: Artist: Country Cue 1 by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Artist: Check out the LED lights here – Related PostsHow to start seeds with the Aerogarden Indoor Garden seed starting kit Round 1DIY Aquaponics setup – Grow Indoor vegetables year roundIndoor Gardening Year Round Edible Plants ~ Longevity SpinachCreativity For Kids Craft, plant, water, GROW! This kit will put a smile on your face as it includes everything you need for year ’round gardeningCreativity For Kids Craft, plant, water, GROW! This kit will put a smile on your face as it includes everything you need for year ’round gardeningGardening 101 Ep1: Indoor Vegetable Seed Starting Basics: Seeds, Starting Supplies & Lighting

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  • Rick Hermann 8 months ago

    great idea. Let me know if the plants are leggy. looking to see what the optimal distance is between the light and the plant is.

  • Andy Morse 8 months ago

    Got another winter project.

  • trishy w 8 months ago

    Fantastic!!!! My windows look purple at night when i come home after dark.

  • byingly 8 months ago

    Great idea. I need to get some plants going.

  • Harshman Hills 8 months ago

    Are you going to do a series on this? I would be very interested in this. I am just south of you and want to get into gardening this year.

  • Joyce Mastaw 8 months ago

    This looks like a really great idea. I may have to look for a place in our "little" house to set one up. Our growing season is so short up here that we can't plant outdoors until late May. It would be nice to start my own plants instead of buy them at the garden stores and getting more plants than I need or not even the kind I want. Thanks

  • Jim Ackroyd 8 months ago

    Great job… 'Erbs! What about the 'H'.

  • tsx3214 8 months ago

    Great idea, and a neat, clean, seamless install too!

  • dan Hamakua 8 months ago

    Nice tidy job. I'm looking forward to the grow results.

  • Jeremie Jarrett 8 months ago

    Do you leave the lights on 24/7?

  • TheTahoeJohn 8 months ago

    Have you tested these lights for performance? Awesome if they actually work.

  • Submanca 8 months ago

    Those LEDs look cool it's to bad they are $50 a piece up here.

  • ksm 22 8 months ago

    Really interesting design and something I could easily do. Thank you.

  • Josh Erickson 8 months ago

    Nice job! Looks great!

  • Joanne Roper 8 months ago

    Your projects always look so nicely finished! Thanks for another great idea. Stay warm.

  • Brent and Natasha Derksen 8 months ago

    Ah wow! What a clean install. I'm impressed!

  • sheryl2pnt0 8 months ago

    How did we do anything before zip ties? Love the shelf.

  • Mrs. Mags 8 months ago

    That's a really great idea! I have a large seedling rack, which I filled last year. This year, I'm expanding my garden to almost twice the size as last year. I'm going to need another seedling rack. This may be my solution. Thank you!