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Learn how easy and fun it is to sprout/micro green/wheatgrass. Incredible healthy way to build your immune system and heal your body from the inside out. ( Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsSustainable Micro Straw Bale Cabin with Passive Solar Green RoofLyine Brand hydroponic system fodder sprout machine for livestock/animal/cattle/horse/goat/poultryBudget Micro Cabin Built with Recycled Materials & Green RoofIngram Micro Gets Company Logo Painted on their RoofSummer Project Based Learning ‘Green’ ShowcaseMicro Hydroponics!! (Grow Greens All Winter!)

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  • Crystal Knowles 1 week ago

    Nice tutorial but how to prevent mold?

  • Imelda Gallardo 1 week ago

    love the video
    can you please tell me were I can by the seeds !

  • Andrew Flores 1 week ago

    Fantastic video. Very informative and well done. Also… gilf

  • Rayleen D'aoust 1 week ago

    Where do you order the kelp from?

  • Nomad Wizard 1 week ago

    Use the water from the sprouts to water ur potted plants.

  • Reece A. 1 week ago

    also where can i get the mesh lids for the sprouts? thanks

  • Reece A. 1 week ago

    You didn't say anything about light……do the sprouts need to be in a window sill?? will they be ok on the counter with no outside light?? what about the micro greens? every video ive seen shows expensive lighting for their in door micro greens. can i grow it without the lights? can the tray be left on a table in the backyard?? need more info, thanks.

  • Barbarajean Watts 1 week ago


  • amanda 1 week ago

    Do you just pour the new seeds over the stumps of the cut ones when you get ready to do your next batch?? You can reuse the dirt over and over, correct?

  • Luke Lucy 1 week ago

    This is an excellent tutorial, I wish that I saw this a year ago.  This is the best place to start if your a beginner.  Excellent information.  Best Regards Terri US Virgin Islands.

  • Sally Wilson 1 week ago

    How to:    Sprout/Micro-Green/Wheatgrass. 
    we sell – organic – non-gmo – high quality seeds