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यह बीज से नए पौधे बनाये और अपने हिसाब से पौधे उगाये ! SUMMER SEASON PLANTS SEEDS FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER ORGANIC PESTICIDE FOR REGULAR USE NEEM PESTICIDE FOR FUNGUS AND OTHER PEST soil ph meter grow bags spray bottles for plants summer flower seeds fancy hanging pots Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsPermaculture Gardening with Matt Powers – Like a PDC for Gardeningज़्यादा से ज़्यादा फूल पाए इस गर्मिओ में अपने मोगरा के पौधे में, GET READY YOUR MOGRA FOR SUMMERHOW TO GROW COLOURFUL CROTON PLANT! SUMMER PLANT!GET READY YOUR HIBISCUS FOR SUMMER FLOWERING BY PRUNING ITआपके पौधे को मरने से बचाये इस कीड़े से HOW TO SAVE PLANT FROM LEAF MINERयह पौधा तैयार बच्चे देता है! PLANT THAT GIVES SMALL BABY PLANT

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  • Shammi Khan 1 month ago

    Price btaye

  • Reshab Mohanty 1 month ago

    Sir maine Mango ka plant lagaya hai
    Sir main kya kru jisse gilhari usse na chede

  • Alpa Sailor 1 month ago

    Sir tamra plan jiyare tiyaar tiye jaay tiyare hu tamari pashe thi kharidi karish atiyare tiyar karo…

  • Sahil Gharat 1 month ago

    First view first like and first comment