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  • Tina Zhang 1 year ago

    Tina from China.I like your videos and accent very are an excellent teacher.

  • Caio Barros 1 year ago

    Thank you so much for this lesson. This kind of lessons are spontaneous and I have much fun watching it. It is an amazing way to teach English. I feel like I am there. Thank you

  • Оло ло 1 year ago

    hi Jack from Russia. Thank u very much for ur tutorial video, could u make some more videos describing what's going on around u, it helps memorise words and phrases tremendously! such videos are so useful for us! I hope u will see this comment.

  • Rawan AlHathlool 1 year ago

    Thank you for this awesome tutorial it's really helpful, I'm going to share with you guys some of vocabulary's definitions that I've learnt from this video.

    Chimney: Structure that makes ventilation for smoke from a boiler or fireplace to the outside atmosphere.

    Trampoline: A trampoline is a device consisting of a piece of taut, strong fabric stretch over a steel frame. People bounce on trampolines for recreational and competitive purposes.

    Fence: Structure that encloses an area, typically outdoors, and is usually constructed from posts that are connected by boards, wires, rails or netting. Fence differs from a wall in not having a solid foundation along its whole length.

    Fire pit: Something that designed to contains fire and prevent it from spreading.

    it really helps when you also connect vocabularies with pictures so you can remember them easily.

  • Tanvir Hasan 1 year ago

    well it seems helpful to me tll now……..

  • racenamam 1 year ago

    Hi professor!
    Is "take someone around" synonymous with "to show someone around"

  • An An 1 year ago

    Hi Jack. Thanks for your interesting video. Can you explain to me which expression we use : leaves on that tree or leaves in that tree. I heard you said " leaves in that tree" in the video. I did research on the net and they used " on that/the tree" as well. Thanks in advance!

  • عبدالله بن عون 1 year ago

    keep it up

  • Lilia Kardenas 1 year ago

    What a great format for a video! Haven't really seen many bloggers doing this. Thank you so much, it was very useful!

  • Giovano Marson 1 year ago

    I think that you should built a pool in your backyard. In your shoes, I'd buit a big pool to enjoy the summer… hehehe

  • Fabio Marconi 1 year ago

    [front|back] garden, [front|back] yard, fire place, chimney, wildfire, wildfire fighter, raised bed, to take over, grass, weed(s), trampoline, cover, leaves, fence, fenced yard, groundhog, woodchuck, hamak, to get rid of, leaf pile, rake (tool), to rake, fire pit, barbecue, rain barrel, gutter pipe, tube, compost bin, [manual|gas powered] lawn mower, chicken coop, to assemble, overwhelmed, gate, porch, tripod, mulch, soil, wet, plant(s), seed(s).

  • waled asd 1 year ago

    thank you for this very good lesson . if any one want to chat with me in skyee to improve my English my account asd65asd65 thank you for all

  • Jesus Heudes 1 year ago

    thanks for the new words! I'm presenting the Cambridge PET Speaking Test in two days and this video was useful.

  • armando fernandez 1 year ago

    but I like American English as well.
    till then, have a great day

  • 梁宏偉 1 year ago

    Your video is quite different compared to other English learning video, so many outdoor programs. And that's why I subscribe your youtube channel and watch your video almost everyday. It's cool and fantastic.

  • Arun Kalyani 1 year ago

    thank you for this lesson.your accent and speed is very good to listen to.your house and backyard/garden is also very good.thanks.

  • sandeep satratey 1 year ago

    Thank you , sir for the useful video. We have learnt the English phrases that are used in our daily work and the your way to teach English is so simple that even a non native English speaker can understand .

  • moises rocha 1 year ago

    Thanks Jack. I like so much these  outdoors lessons. Well done.

  • Meryem Kızılkaya 1 year ago

    I had fun this lesson. I loved the rain bottom ( I am not sure l said it true ) I mean it collect the rain to use it later. can I call it recycling thing. I would like to use it in my garden.Thanks for the helpful lessons.