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Sometimes our most anticipated expectations can turn out to be the biggest disappointment. I learned this, and I explain how and why this came about. I hope you all will enjoy! More gardening videos to come VERY soon! MIgardener Store: Join the fun on facebook @ Follow the fun on twitter @ .99 Heirloom Vegetable Seeds: ——————————————————————————————- MIgardener Website Join the fun on facebook @ +1 me on Google+ @ Pin us on Pinterest @ Follow the fun on twitter @ Come tumble with us @ Video Rating: / 5 Students in the Wayzata School District are going in the garden to review what they’ve learned in the school year that just ended. School is officially out, but the Plymouth Creek Elementary garden has been turned into an outdoor learning center. The four–day program is called “3rd Grade Garden Review.” Students get their hands dirty while learning math, reading and science. Marc Wegner has taught the class for three years. “We’ve just been creating this curriculum and finding out ways to make it hands on learning and make it real world applicable,” he explained. The young gardeners used math skills to plant beans. “We want to have a plant about every 4 inches. About how big is 4 inches?” asked Wegner The class put their reading skills to the test by reading gardening articles and planting instructions. Students are growing a salsa garden including tomatoes, cilantro, peppers and onions. The class also has to maintain the garden. “We’re pruning,” said one student. “What we’re doing is we’re cutting off some of the stuff that is coming out of the plant that is taking up too much,” said student Julia Knudson. Besides learning math and reading fundamentals, the goal of the […]

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  • Orbacron Thoch 1 year ago

    … Too hot too cold and too windy.. So my failures in texas have lead me to grow inside a greenhouse with temperature control. I have scavenged a portacool that was thrown out and am currently using it to keep the temps more tolerable for my mobile potted plants this year. It may be just what you need for your more delicate crops, also until the frost is absolutely over. I am going 100% organic soil this year as well, it's not a bad idea. A greenhouse doesn't have to be detrimental, you run it.

  • Natureboy1 1 year ago

    We can't control every factor. Weather is a big one, especially temperature. This was a great winter for artichokes and cruciferous vegetables and chard, and a great spring for tomatoes. But I had a weak spinach crop this winter and the okra is having a hard time, perhaps because it's not yet hot enough.

  • Bad things happen to all of us, all the time im thinking. I lost ALL my seedlings in early April because i put them out in full sun without hardening them first. I was so excited i had an early start this year 🙂 Out of 100 or so seedlings i think i saved 20. It could have been worse i guess. I was really bummed though. I just started over and things are okay….plus complaining does not change a darn thing 🙂 

  • We had snow this past weekend and its going to be 90+ degrees starting tomorrow and for four days. Keep your chin up….spinach grows fast. Start over 🙂 

  • TheSAGARDENER 1 year ago

    You are so right , still having a garden is fantastic with no expectations . Hope you get your rain we just had a major flood and destroyed all of my garden and others as well hopefully we can start over since it left everything a big mess with no plant survivers . 🙁 Here in San Antonio Tx

  • Kyle Lester 1 year ago

    I think Ray has a great take on gardening, he tries to 'grow big' but ultimately you can tell he really is relaxed and enjoys it. Hope for the best but plan for the worst I suppose. If you can have backup plants that would be great especially if your main food source relies upon your garden. Doesn't hurt to have the money/time to guard against anything mother nature throws at us.

  • Regenia Compton 1 year ago

    These are things you learn with life so as you grow as a gardener and a man you will learn how to not expect greatness from nature but to love it when it happens!

  • tubepavy 1 year ago

    The dirt in your fingers would reward you for all your effort … I think this awareness is one way of the nature's way of bringing you in… Did you know that i had 70 plants in raised beds and when it was time to harvest i had to sell my house and give it all to the person who bought my home…But I am happy although i couldnt get the fruits of my labor just because I love to Garden!!! I am fan of yours and Praxxus55712… You guys taught me a lot… Keep doing what you do….

  • 747epecan1 1 year ago

    After hearing about your bad times, I put your great attitude to use for my bad times because after 11 months not drinking alcohol. I had a relapse and was down. Your story really gave me hope!!!

  • 747epecan1 1 year ago

    Hey did U know Gabe is back on YouTube doing summer garden!!!

  • Theo M. 1 year ago

    Interesting take, some might experience the same thing and instead say that our expectations have nothing to do with the outcomes we experience but simply impact the way we feel about said outcomes. Therefore, only disappointed expectations lead to suffering. Misfortune can be caused by bad luck, bad timing, or bad karma, but not optimism. When we do all we can in a situation, we feel far less disappointment from failure, if we could have done more, we experience suffering and often displace it.

  • GoodDayGarden 1 year ago

    Sorry about your spinach. If it's any consolation I lost my spinach to lack of watering and my tomatoes to spider mites. You can see how I react to it on my 2nd video and remember it's always a good day in the garden ^_^

    (I tried a video response thing hoping it would let me comment next to it, but it didn't. I don't entirely understand how the video response thing works. sorry if it gets in your way)

  • nery colon 1 1 year ago

    I guess all gardeners go though this. Right now I feel frustrated because I've been in bed for 1 week and a half and I don't know how's my plants. Have they been watering them right. Can't wait to have my leg cured and start doing videos of my plants. Your garden still looks great.

  • tigereyes8961 1 year ago

    Good lesson to learn Luke.. I agree with Ray.. It is not a job. It is a hobby. If it stresses you out, Go smaller. Love all your video's. <3 

  • pleasanthacking 1 year ago

    thanks for that :)

  • Jeremy Piffer 1 year ago

    Be happy that it didn't snow there today.. It did here in Marquette.. Keep it up!

  • Higgiebaby 1 year ago

    I look at my garden as a way to, 1) spend less money at the grocery, 2) forget about work & 3) relax for a while & remember my grandmother who introduced me to gardening as a boy some 45 years ago, every time I'm in in the garden it brings me back to the good times I had growing up & I smile and think of her

  • Thomas Hodge 1 year ago

    Hey Luke, I agree with Ray on this situation. I always tell people that life is nothing but a test, if you pass that test, great, but if you fail that test and learn why you failed and don't do it again and try to find a new solution to the problem. Your videos are really good. Keep your chin up!!!!

  • Gardening & More 1 year ago

    it happens 

  • Gardeninggirl1107 1 year ago

    Expect nothing from your garden but appreciate the ability that you are able to get up each morning and see what God has given you and helped you nurture and create. Any fruits of your labor is just an additional gift God has bestowed upon you.