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Hi, kids! Today our friend Eddie the Dinosaur will learn how to plant flowers in the garden. Since spring is already here, we can plant some seeds for new flowers to grow!! Help little Eddie plant daisy, tulip, and rose seeds so that he can water them and see them grow!! This way you will be able to make a beautiful flower bouquet! Don’t miss our LEARNING WITH EDDIE cartoons where kids will learn lots while having fun! ▼▼▼ MORE INFO ▼▼▼ Toon Toon Games is a YouTube channel where you can keep yourself entertained with the funniest cartoons! With our colourful characters from the Gummy Bears, you can enjoy a brand new episode every single week! Plus you can also have fun with our Dinsey Junior, Ladybug and babies dress up game! As each week, you can watch your favourite characters swap into a brand new costume! You really can not miss out on all of this fun! If you want to subscribe to our channel, it’s free! ★ If you want to watch all our videos: ★ Follow us: ★ ★ ★☆★ ★☆★ ★☆★ ★☆★ ★☆★ ★☆★★ #alexandlily #toontoongames #gameplay Related PostsLearn flowers for kids. Little gardeners How plants grow from seeds cartoon for childrenHow to Water Your Garden – Learn How Often, How Much, and When to Water Flowers and VegetablesLearn How to Container Garden with Annual Flowers Plants Gardening Video TutorialGARDENING ! Elsa and Anna toddlers plant flowers and vegetable seedsLearn the Plant Growth Cycle & How Seeds Travel in Nature – Magical Seeds by BabyBus Kids GamesKids Learn Gardening with Baby Panda’s Flower Garden – Baby Bus Games For Children and Babies

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