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Hi, Dinofriends!! In today’s new, educational video of Learn with Eddie we are going to learn how to make a garden scarecrow out of straw, old clothes and some wooden sticks. Learn how to do crafts with Eddie and make your own burlap scarecrow for kids so that crows don’t eat your crops! Enjoy the educational, cartoon videos for kids on Learn with Eddie and learn new, easy recipes, colours, how to colour pictures, and more!!

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Learn with Eddie is a YouTube channel where you can have fun watching cartoons starring Eddie! He is a little, messy dinosaur who is full of energy and loves learning, but is always messing things up and joking around. In our weekly Learning with Eddie videos you will have fun with this wonderful dinosaur’s slip-ups: he loves playing dress-up, colouring, doing puzzles, tidying up his room, cooking, washing up, growing food, and dancing!!

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Learn with Eddie: How to Make Garden Scarecrow for Kids 🌱

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