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*Read description!* My episode on Nitrogen deficiency: Get a Space Case Grinder AND support the show at the same time: (amazon affiliate) Hit me up on Facebook: Lex’s World Clothing: Want a LIVE 1-hr Consultation with me? Check Out my Patreon for more info: Due to my topic choice, my use of Google Adsense is severely restricted. If you enjoy the show, you can help me LOTS just by doing your Amazon shopping through the applicable URL below (They sell grow gear, often at the best prices!): American viewers: Canadian viewers: Get an Mg Plant Booster here: (amazon affiliate) Are you a channel subscriber & hobby grower who needs seeds? Please contact me via e-mail at for seed info. Lex’s World Youtube subscribers always get freebie seeds with their order! Learn to identify Mg deficiency in your Marijuana crops, today on a grower tips episode of Lex’s World. I’ve had this episode on the books ever since my Nitrogen episode a while back, but I had to wait for it to happen to someone to truly capture it. This mobile deficiency results in yellow colored leaves and might first be confused for Nitrogen deficiency. But the rust-colored spots give it away for what it truly is. The easiest/fastest way to fix the problem is to bump up the pH. If you’re worried about stopping the spread of damage fast you can also add a magnesium booster, often sold together with a calcium booster. I recently launched a non-cannabis, off topic channel called Lex’s Lounge! Check it out here: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsCannabis Garden Tour – Week 3 Flower | Hydroponic Weed Garden | Learn how to grow MarijuanaInstalling a Drip System | Learn How to Grow Marijuana at […]

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  • Noah Nobody 8 months ago

    What pH do you recommend for coco coir?

  • vasileios vasileiadis 8 months ago


  • BOSTON56 8 months ago

    Thank You )) having this with nitro problem,you saved my girls brother )))) and phos. Thanks for your knowledge )) #LexLEDgiveaway

  • BIGBADAZBOZS lizardlips 8 months ago

    them stupid pots not doing plants any good how's the roots supposed to grow in cone pot

  • rocco rostagno 8 months ago

    6.1 pH to 6.5? that's still alil low for soil ain't it? I keep mine at 6.8. usually 6.5 on hydro grows.

  • Gaelic Grower 8 months ago

    Your "friends" plant yeah lol

  • west denver 8 months ago

    What if it starts opposite happens like yellowing from the top and really green on bottom

  • William Gauharmann 8 months ago

    Thanks! Subscribed

  • Doc Faustus 8 months ago

    Please define some thanks

  • bdb jmb 8 months ago

    nice job man!, you ever use magnesium sulfate (Epsom salt)?

  • Misty Hood 8 months ago

    thanks for the knowledge homie

  • Rebecca Jacobs 8 months ago

    OK I'm a first time grower and after watching this video I definitely have this problem. all I do is use tap water to water my plants I have 4 which I believe all is suffering from this deficiency but one is worse than the others. my question is can you tell me if there is something to add to the tap water that I or most people would have in their kitchen? I am clueless on the chemical properties of some things that i could add to my water that would raise from deficienct to efficient levels.i am very motivated to fix this but failed chemistry . thanks

  • Kelly Hollis 8 months ago

    I like the video bc you are descriptive and all the info is right there. So many times we all have to sit through the need to roll a blunt and blow smoke into the camera which is all cool when we doin it in our lives but when I want to find out what to do about (in this case, suspected mag deficiencies) There the info is. Thank you!  Maybe you can discuss and suggest a proper remedy, ie dose and frequency ECT Other than that nicely done and thanks

  • Bruce b 8 months ago

    my leaves show this problem but theyre also very dry feeling to the touch including the top green ones which or contorted in a weird twisting way the green leaves on mine also seem puffed up. mag problem also?

  • YouTubeOTT 8 months ago

    i had this in middle of flower last grow.  i put new fresh soil on top and bottom of pot

  • MjrTom2009 8 months ago

    Nah; those rusty spots are manganese toxicity which is typically caused by either heat sterilizing soil at too high a temp and/or for too long, and/or by excess watering. These activities turn the soil manganese into a highly available (and thus toxic) form.  One alternative explanation is that the soil simply has high levels of Mn.  Manganese toxicity in plants can be combated by plants through high magnesium uptake, beyond an otherwise optimal level. Lower soil pH will reduce manganese uptake.  Check out science based sources that do actual lab analysis on the soil and plant tissue and substantiate their claims.  Google is a tool that can help find very MANY numerous such sources.

  • Grant 8 months ago

    this started happening to all 4 of my plants within 2 weeks of them popping.whats the deal with that ?? it was autos i was growing