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The OrganWise Guys gardening kit is a great tool to teach gardening principles to children through classroom education, school garden projects, university extension projects or at summer camps. Purchase it at: Kit includes: 4 fun-filled books “Organ”-ic Gardening The OrganWise Guys learn the important steps of planting and growing a fruit and vegetable garden. They show how this fun project can be done almost anywhere with the right plan and plenty of teamwork! Concentrating on Fruits & Veggies Eating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables is a great way to give your OrganWise Guys the vitamins and nutrients they need to keep your body healthy. Leave it to Sir Rebrum to think of a fun and colorful way to remember this lesson! Harvesting Health The OrganWise Guys were delighted to see the bountiful harvest from their own “Organ”-ic garden. To celebrate their successful crop, they had a Harvesting Health party using the delicious home grown fruits and vegetables! Growing a Community See what happens when a neighborhood bands together to grow not only delicious fruits and vegetables, but new friendships and a sense of community as well. Now that’s one healthy harvest! Farmers Market Fresh DVD Windy discovers the importance of eating a variety of fresh produce. She then opens a Farmer’s Market to raise money for this year’s field trip. Find out if the business venture was a success! Educator Lesson Plan Book 8 Ways to Connect with The OrganWise Guys and Be Healthy 1. Follow on Pinterest for healthy ideas for the whole family 2. Like on Facebook and get exclusive content for your home or school 3. Follow on Twitter and be first to know about news 4. View our website to learn more about how we’re helping families and schools raise […]

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